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WhatsApp Now Lets You Block Screenshots, Exit Groups Unnoticed

WhatsApp Now Lets You Block Screenshots, Exit Groups Unnoticed

WhatsApp now lets you exit groups unnoticed.

WhatsApp also working on feature that lets you prevent anybody from taking a screenshot of your post.

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO and owner of WhatsApp, made the announcement to users.

According to him, the “leave Group silently’ features will now hide from other users the exit of a member of a group.

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Similarly, the screenshot blocking feature allows you send a disappearing message that a recipient cannot screenshot.

The Exit Group Silently Feature:

Meanwhile, recall that before the new exit feature, everyone could know when a member exits a WhatsApp group.

Sometimes, your exit could prompt some group members to message you privately to ask why you left.

This can sometimes be embarrassing to you who left the group especially if the person who added you to the group is a very good friend.

This public notification that usually shows everyone that “Mr X just left the group” puts people’s privacy concerns to question.

Many users have awaited a feature that will protect their privacy even more and WhatsApp has just done that.

Therefore, the ‘Leave Groups Silently’ feature, instead of notifying the full house when leaving, only notifies the admins.

Mark said this feature will start rolling out to all users this month.

The Screenshot blocking feature:

Similarly, WhatsApp’s screenshot blocking feature is now an update to the recent View Once feature.

How it works is that The feature allows users to send a photo or video that disappears after the recipient opens them.

Since what is obtainable before now is that the recipient could screenshot the message before it disappears, WhatsApp new blocking feature now prevents this.

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