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Online Tools For Trending Topics: 10 Tools To Look Out For



Online tools for trending topics

If you are looking for the best tools to find trending topics online, you are right on track. This article will show you 10 online tools for trending topics online.

As a content creator, digital marketer, or business owner, you might want to jump on trending topics to push your brand.

That is, to easily create better content that your audience is interested in.

You can use the online tool to observe all that is going on online in every industry, even concerning the product and services that you offer.

And you can drive organic traffic easily to your platform.

10 online tools for trending topics

Below are the online tools you can use to find trending topics online.


It is a social media platform that allows people to share their minds and bare their ideas. If anything is happening in the world, it is one place to go to for information.

The platform has a trending table that shows what people are talking about.

Infact, Twitter is the best social media platform for trending and breaking news.

You can always engage on the platform by using hashtags to share your opinion on the topic.

To use the social platform, create an account, and then you can begin to access what’s trending all over the globe.

Google trend

It is a platform created by Google to find trending searches or popular searches. If you are a content writer, this particular online tool is good for you.

You can see searches on topics people are searching for within your region and write on them.

And this will be good for content writers as it enables organic driving content.

You do not need to open an account to access Google Trend. Once you have a Google account, it automatically creates an account on the platform.

Although you have free access to what people search for on Google trend, it offers other exciting services.

To access them, you need to subscribe to one of their membership offers.

Buzz field

It is one of the best online tools for trending topics. It helps you browse content people are searching for in sections.

And it offers you a wide range of content ranging from news to style to entertainment or even books.

It shows you the popular posts in each section.

To use the platform, all you need to do is create an account and then sign in.


The platform has dedicated itself to growing the world’s knowledge by sharing information and questions about any subject matter.

On the platform, you can easily target topics your audience wants to know about.

The fantastic thing about the platform is that you will get a personalised information feed, showing people asking questions about your profession or product.

And giving some answers to some things you might want to know about.

Also, the platform has a search option box that allows you to browse on top stories on your feed.

You can always search for keywords or create questions and see the engagement on the platform to know how relevant it is.

You need to create an account through your Facebook, Google, or email address to access the platform.


The platform is a social media and an image sharing platform that allows you to discover new information.

Some companies use the online tool to share their monthly reports with advertisers or marketers.

Also, through the platform, you get inspiration on topics to write, and you can save images for your topics.

It offers other unique features that help sellers, marketers, advertisers and content creators to create engaging topics.

You can get a personalised feed concerning the types of images you want on your feed on the platform.

To access the feature, open an account on the website.

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It is one of the best tools you can use in 2021 for trending topics.

Reddit is an online platform where people with similar interests and passions come together to form a community.

According to Wikipedia, the platform is a “social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website.”

The platform shows you what is growing in the news industry community of your choice.

And through that, you can know what’s happening in your industry and how to improve your brand.

To access the platform, you would need to create an official account.

Your online metrics

As a publication site or service platform, you should monitor the metric that tracks your site’s growth.

Through these metrics, you can figure out what people engage with more.

And then push more to that content or service.

This way, you know what people want more from your service, and you satisfy them.

YouTube Trends

Asides from Google, YouTube is a searching platform that has the second largest number of searches.

And for this, it is an online tool for your business.

It makes it easier to find trending topics on the platform.

The platform shares a trending table that shows what is happening in any industrial space.

To access the platform, you need to create an account.

Sprout Social

This is a social media management tool. If you are a content creator, then you should check this out.

It helps to manage the social media pages and see what is happening there.

You can use the tools for your business with features like analytics, engagement, CRM, publishing, monitoring, collaboration and others.

However, the down part is that it requires a subscription package.

But it would be best if you have an online tool because it gives you real-time access to critical information that would help your business.

Buzz Sumo

If you are undergoing research online for your brand, you must know one content marketing tool.

It is a resource platform that allows you to search for topics being talked about.

In the search box, enter the topic or keyword to search.

Whatever results from the search would be filtered by the number of engagements on social media platforms.

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others.

You can always click on the links to read more about the keyword, and it would inspire you in creating your publication.

You can access the platform by creating an account.

However, to gain full access to the platform, you can pay $99 per month or an enterprise version at $499+ per month.

Implication for you

Are you a content creator, marketer or advertiser?

The article was written primarily for you.

Indeed, by now, you’ve been able to figure out online tools for trending topics that would help push your brand.

Also, to satisfy the needs of your audience.

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