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14 Best Headphones For Teens And For Online Classes



Young teens and Teenagers are known for walking around with headphones to jam to their favourite song or listen to their favourite podcasts.

It could be that they use it to shut out the noise of their siblings or for online classes due to the pandemic.

Also, since there have been many online classes and courses, it has really become essential.

If you are looking to get a headphone as a teenager or looking to get one for your teen, you came to the right place. You would be thrilled to get one of the 14 best headphones for teens.

What are headphones?

Headphones are a pair of small speakers worn on or around the head and over the ears of a user.

They usually consist of one speaker for each ear and connected with a band worn over the head.

They come in different shapes, forms, and sizes and have become essential things in our daily lives.

People, especially teens use headphones to listen to music or lecture clips.

Headphones produce quality sounds and make listening to songs, clips, etc enjoyable.

However, Imagine listening to an online class with a headphone with cracking sound or just an earbud working.

It can be really frustrating.

That’s why a good headphone is necessary to make the learning process enjoyable.

But first, let’s consider headphones and why teens are popular with them.

Teens fall between the age of 10-18.

All around the world, headphones are popular amongst young ones, especially teenagers. Most of them are in the rebellious state or stage of discovery that they feel a need to be alone most times. Many of them consume themselves with music, movies, videos to consume their minds from feelings like depression.

Another reason why headphones are popular among the teen is that learning has taken paradigm shift in the world. The internet has made it easy to take classes and learn online.

Many students now use platforms like Coursera and Google meets to take Lectures, submit assignments and do online presentations.

It came about due to the influence of the Covid-19 outbreak

We know how it is like having to listen attentively without any form of distraction from siblings or parents asking you to do something.

We are sure by now you can see why a headphone is essential in a teenagers life.

If you are getting your teen one, you would be adding the best smile you’ve ever seen on their faces.

Factors to consider when getting the best headphones for teens

You should know that there are many factors to consider when getting a headphone for your teen. We would discuss some of them below.


There are many things to consider when buying a headphone, but your budget is essential amongst all. The amount you are willing to spend on a headphone would determine the headphone to buy. The reason is that the prices of the headphone differ according to brands, quality and size.


Some brands are popular this day, and some are not. Depending on how famous a brand affects many things about the product they sell.

Such as their product price to the quality and features. The price you want to spend on a headphone can be determined by the type of brand you buy for your teen.

Every brand comes with its uniqueness, and it is in that uniqueness you can use as a warrant for making your purchase.

Sound quality

The sound quality of a headphone differs according to brand and price. Depending on the good quality of a headphone can a person make a selection of what to buy.

For example, a Bose sound quality, the cost would differ from the sound quality of a Sony.

So, depending on whatever sound quality you want, you can decide what headphones you want to buy.


Given that headphones come in different sizes and types, the comfortability of a headphone should be considered when buying one.

You won’t want to get one that would make you discomfort or keep removing from your ear.

Type & Use

What type of headphones does your teen prefer or do you prefer. As headphones come in different sizes and styles, they could be wired headphones or wireless headphones, wireless earbuds or wired earbuds, in-ear, on-ear and over-ear.

In a situation where a person is working out, the wireless and in-ear headphones would serve the best purpose.

While the wired ones can be used in places like the library, bus station, where they don’t necessarily have to move around

Bluetooth ability

Not all headphone comes with Bluetooth enablement that allows a person to listen to sounds without the wires, while others do. However, it is determined by the taste of the user.

Bluetooth ability enables a user to listen to sound at a particular 1


How portable can a headphone be? Is it foldable, or can it be easily tucked into your bag or pocket? Does it come with a housing case that helps to protect it?

These are things to consider when selecting the headphones to buy.

Now that you know the necessary, you can begin to select the best headphone for your teen from the list we highlighted below.

14 best headphones for teens

1. Beats Solo3 Headphones

best headphones for teens

best headphones for teens

One of the best quality headphones you can get for your teen is Beats Solo3 headphones. Beats is one of the most popular brands of headphones, and they are known for their high-quality appearance and sound. They are expensive wireless headphones that usually come in different colours. Although, its latest model is black, which comes with a built-in microphone.

In terms of comfortability, it is very comfortable with its good padding; it can also be adjusted to any size that would help fit and protect the ear. Also, it would help them move around within a radius as it comes with an Apple W1 chip and Class 1 wireless Bluetooth headphones.

It is also very compatible with both Android and te Apple devices.

If your teen loves travelling, the person would love the Beat solo3 headphones as it is very portable; it can be folded into any compactable size. Another superb feature is the last battery life of the headphones, it can stay 3 hours with a five-minute quick charge, but with a full charge, it gives you 40 hours.

It can be used all day and still has 16 hours of life for the following day.

However, because of its high-end features, the cost is quite expensive compared to Beat Ep.

2. Apple Airpods Headphones

Best headphone for teen

It is one of the best wireless headphones produced by Apple. However, Apple Airpods are used mainly by Apple users, as they are designed for their products.

Apple products are trendy among children and teens. And most of them would want to be associated with the trending devices.

If your child already has an Apple device, I bet your child would want an Apple headphone.

Apple Airpods are easy to use and easy to set up. Also, because there are created majorly for Apple product, they can work with functions like Siri by saying ‘Hey Siri’.

Your teen would also be excited to get an Apple Airpod because it connects quickly with 1-tap technology. And they can move around within a radius without having to carry their devices.

The battery lasts up to 24 hours of playtime and has water-resistant prove.

However, it requires an iCloud account.

According to Amazon, it is one of the best selling headphones. It costs $120 on the site, which is quite expensive.

3. Mpow 059 Headphones

the best headphone for teen

The Mpow 059 headphones are one of the best selling over-ear headphones for both kids and teens. On the Amazon rating, it has a rating score of 4.5, which is very comfortable.

It comes in various colour designs and quality sound, making it one of the best headphones for tweens. Tweens are between being a kid and a teenager, so this would be very interesting for them to have.

Most children in that group love things that are interesting and eye-catching.

Also, the headphone is Bluetooth enable allowing them to move around without the disturbance of carrying their device or an entangled wire.  It is also very comfortable to wear as the memory protein ear cushion simulate human skin texture.

Mpow 059 is very portable and easy to carry around with its foldable design.

It gives a usage hour of 20 hours in one full charge and 2 hours of use with 10 minutes charge. Coming with an inbuilt microphone would enable a person to participate actively in a discussion.

With all the features and uses listed above, we believe Mpow 059 headphone is one of the best headphones for teens.

Although, a bit expensive but it is worth it. You can get it on Amazon for $31.4.

4. Tozo T10 Wireless Earbuds Headphones

best headphone for teen

the best headphone for teen

The idea of wireless earbuds is one reason you should consider the headphone for your teen. They are very portable, which makes them easy to be carried around.

The Tozo T10 wireless earbuds come with a wireless waterproof charging case used to store and protect. Not only is the casing waterproof, but also the earbud. It comes with a coating that does not allow the penetration of water.

If you have a teen who loves working out, this might be the headphone for the person as the effect of one sweat would penetrate through.

Also, Tozo T10 has advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology that enables easy and instant earbud pairing. However, it allows a one-step pairing when connecting with a  phone. Once you remove the earbuds from the case, they connect automatically. The only thing to do is to enter your phone’s Bluetooth setting so you can pair it with the earbuds.

Its usage hour is a total of 30 hours for a full charge.

5. Samsung Galaxy Buds+

best headphone for teen

the best headphone for teen

The earbuds come in different types and would work perfectly with a Samsung phone. Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is Samsung’s first-ever wireless headphone with a two-way speaker that delivers quality sounds in a rich treble and deep bass. It calls with a three microphone feature that enables clear communication during phone calls or responses to lectures.

The battery is very long-lasting and gives users a crystal experience. You should consider it if you have a Samsung phone.

Although know that it is a Samsung product, and it can work on devices like Apple.

6. Sony Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

best headphones for teens

the best headphone for teens

The headphone is noise-cancelling. Sony wireless Bluetooth headphones are a noise-cancelling headphone, which helps to eradicate background noises. Teens would love to have noise-cancelling headphones because probably they don’t want to be disturbed by the noise going around the house while studying. Also, the headphone is wireless, making it easier for them to move around and still listen to a lecture.

The earphone gives comfort to the user with the spacious ear pad that protects the ear and provides room for air, making it comfortable.

The sound quality is of high quality, and it can be tuned depending on what you want. Also, it has a good battery stance that lasts for 35 hours and can be recharged with a USB.

Sony Wireless Bluetooth headphones are very affordable and high-quality, making them just the perfect headphones to get for your teen. Also, the headphones are very reasonable, and they can be obtained from any of the online stores.

7. Pasonomi Wireless Earbuds


best headphones for teens

best headphones for teens

The Pasonomi wireless headphones are also among the list of the best headphones for teens. It is exciting and provides top-notch services to users.

Wireless Ear Buds means you don’t have to go through the detangling of wires. It means that it can easily connect with devices.

Also, it comes with a charging case that helps to protect the headphones, and it charges about 18 times for 72 hours.

If you happen to have a teen who loves to work out or listen to music while doing everything, then a waterproof feature like Pasonomi would do the trick.

Comfortability is considered by the company as it offers three ears that support both small, medium and enormous.

Another interesting feature you might want to consider for your teen is the sound quality of the headphone. It gives a solid bass to a sound, especially for music.

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8. Tuinyo Bluetooth headphones

best headphones for teens

best headphones for teens

Still not found the best headphone for your teen? You can consider the Tuinyo wireless headphones. It comes with Bluetooth enabled devices that allow it to connect easily with devices.

Teens can easily use it to jam to music and listen to music for its outstanding sound quality. Infact if you are also looking for a headphone to travel with, you should consider it.

Also, it is designed to reduce the noise around, enabling a user to hear whatever they are listening to sharply and clearly. With this, it could also consider it as one of the Best Headphones for movies.

You can easily carry it around, making you listen clearly to conversations and sounds without anything intruding on you. The headphones are very flexible, foldable, and light, so you can carry them on a trip.

Also, Tuinyo is a fast-charging device with a battery life of about 14 hours. Amongst other features, it provides a voice clarifying quality the gives an excellent stereo Hi-Fi sound.

It can also be connected to devices like the TV, play station, PC gaming and many more.

If you still doubt it for the comfortability of use, the headphone comes with a  soft memory-protein foam leather earmuff that is compatible with human skin.

9. JBL Tune 125TWS headphones

best headphones for teens

best headphones for teens


The JBL brand is another famous brand among teenagers. It is used mainly by those kids they consider as ‘cool’, so most teen would love to get a headphone like this. Also, the headphone is not expensive. It is very affordable. And it comes with so many unique features; your kid would love to enjoy.

The brand is known for the bass addition it gives to sound, and for teens who spend most of their time listening to music, this would be a hit for you.

However, even with its outstanding feature, it doesn’t have a noise-cancelling feature that would enable him from being distracted.

That is one major drawback of the brand it needs to work on as many are on their lookout for the noise-cancelling device.

10. Panasonic ErgoFit Wired In-Ear Earbuds headphones

best headphones for teens

best headphones for teens

The headphone is wired and affordable; however, it still gives the best sound quality. The company produced the earbuds of the headphone in three different sizes to fit according to the users’ size. It comes in small, medium and large.

Also, it comes in different colours, making it enjoyable for your child to select from. Especially if you have a bright child who loves colours, Panasonic Ergofit might be the right headphone. The company produced 15 different colours for them to select from.

It also has a remote button that allows users to control volume and a microphone for efficient communication.

Knowing how annoying it can be to untangle a wire, the company created a 3.6-foot cord that users can thread on

11. TaoTronics Hybrid Headphones

best headphones for teens

best headphones for teens

The Tao Tronics Hybrid earphones come with active noise cancelling feature, making them the best headphones for students. If you happen to have a teen who attends online classes, you should consider getting headphones for them. It comes with excellent travelling packaging that enables it to be easily carried around without any fault.

Also, the battery life is long-lasting, and it can last about 9-7 hours in a day with a full charge.

It is also known for its durability and quality design.

12. Cowin E7 Noise-Cancelling Headphone

best headphones for teens

best headphones for teens

If you are looking for wireless active cancelling headphones, you need not go further as Cowin E7 compromises between the two functions. Since it’s wireless, of course, it would come with a Bluetooth function that would enable an easy connection. Alongside the Bluetooth function is the microphone that allows better communication.

So whether at school or home, the child can study without been distracted.

Also, the user can enjoy a deep bass through the wireless headphone over the ear. Although there might be better headphones than this, like Beats, they still give the best users experience.

In terms of its comfortability and durability, it’s better than some other headphones. Also, it has a lasting battering life for about 30 hours, which is one of the highest.

It is created in several colours in which you can decide to select according to your teens choice.

13. Apple EarPods with 3.5mm Headphone Plug

best headphones for teens

best headphones for teens

Apple products are top-rated no matter the form it comes.

Before the wireless Airpods headphones came out, the Apple wired headphones were trendy. Previously, those who had headphones protruding from their pockets were admired and seen as classy.

However, the Apple wireless headphones are not as popular as it was but it still in usage. Especially for those who can not yet afford Apple Airpods.

Apple EarPods comes only in a white form. Unlike the other types of earbuds which are somewhat uncomfortable, Apple EarPods come in a comfortable shape. That fits into the ear neatly, not minding the size of the inner ear.

Also, it allows a high-quality sound and comes with an inbuilt remote that enables a person to control and adjust volumes.

Although, it is currently unavailable on Amazon. However, you can purchase it directly on Apple stores in your environment or other online platforms like Konga.

14. Skullcandy Hesh 2 Over-Ear Headphones

best headphones for teens

best headphones for teens

If you are looking for budgetary headphones, don’t look too far as Skullcandy Hesh 2 over-ear headphones. It is very affordable, which makes it qualify as one of the best headphones for teens.

Skullcandy Hesh comes in various colours like cream, blue and surf strives, which are attractive colours for kids. Although it might get stained easily with the white and cream col0oureasily, the blue would do justice, especially for a male child.

Although it is a wired On-ear headphone, it still gives users the best comfortability and sound quality.

Its battery life is about 15 hours which is quite okay for its price. Also, it is very durable, which is a significant thing advantage, using it for a long time. You can get Skullcandy Hesh for about $64.45 on Amazon.


Looking for the best headphones for teens can be somewhat stressful. But we believe with the ones listed above; you would be able to identify the one that works best with your teen.

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