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5 Ways You Can Prevent Cyber Attacks In 2022

prevent cyber attacks

In the world today, cyber security has become a very important subject. And not many people are aware of these ongoing online threats or cyber attacks.

With evolving Technology and internet penetration, the threats to individuals and businesses have increased over the years.

Cyber attackers are developing new ways to penetrate accounts and steal from people and businesses.

There are many cases and experiences of cyber activities. We would see individuals getting their accounts stolen or their banks hacked. There are a lot of phishing schemes and many more.

This article is to enlighten you on ways to prevent yourself from falling for such occurrences.

Before we go any further, what is a cyber attacks?

A cyber attack is an attempt by cybercriminals using multiple ways and networks to steal data, or breach computers. Some examples of Cyber attacks include malware attacks, phishing attacks, password attacks, denial of service attacks, viruses, etc.

Cyber security is the security of internet-connected systems, where they are being protected from cyber threats.

5 ways you can prevent cyber attacks in 2022.

What are the ways to prevent cyber-attacks? Below are ways you can keep yourself and your business secure from cyberattacks.

Check the strength of your password

Make sure that your passwords are not similar to the public information about you like your name, date of birth or occupation.

They should not have a similar variation like number 123…, ABCD, 1111, etc.

You should know that when choosing a password, it should be long It should be at least 12 keys. The longer it is the harder is it to crack.

Be cautious and proactive regarding emails and messages

Many cyber criminals use techniques like sending emails or messages to collect personal information from people. They would pretend like they are from the bank or a platform and ask you to click on a link.

You have to be cautious about links sent to you. Do not open unknown emails or messages that look funny. There are so many impersonating emails and messages, so be cautious.

Instead, once you see them delete and delete.

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Download Anti-virus wares and lock apps to prevent cyber attacks

There is a software you can download to secure your system from attackers.  Anti virus wares are very effective on computers and you can also download them on your phone too.

Also, you can get lock apps on your phone or you can set personalised passwords with your face and finger.

In a case where your devices are stolen or lost, this will come in handy. You can quickly remove important information from your device

Enabling multi-factor authentication

Platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, Google, Instagram and more, support multi-factor authentication.

Multi-factor authentication also known as two-factor authentication is an additional layer of security asides from your normal security for an account.

It offers an additional layer of security for a user asides from their username and password. For platforms that support the security system, make sure you enable it to prevent being hacked.

Watch cybersecurity videos or register

As technology keeps advancing, the threats get bigger.

Many updates and security measures will be coming up to prevent the threats.

So try to stay up to date with cyber security platforms and experts.

They would share more enlightening ways to keep yourself safe.

Also, you can always be ahead of others when there is a virus outbreak or when there is a trend of cyber attacks.

 In conclusion

It might be difficult to know how to start protecting yourself against cyber attackers or crimes. But we hope with the tips above, you have a good start.

There is so much information on cybersecurity out there, with the 5 prevention modes we shared, you can easily filter and pick relevant information.

In the coming days, we will share more updates on ways to prevent cyber attacks.

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