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Apple Allows Users Fix Own Devices Next Year; What This Means For You

Apple Experienced A Glitch In Its Services: This Doesn't Look Very Nice

Apple just released an update for its users. It created a ‘Self Service Repair’ service, which allows users to repair their phones themselves.

Asides, the service will offer them “genuine” parts and tools with instructions on how to repair their phones from home.

This would relieve users’ stress; they do not need to worry about going to the Apple store or a third party to repair their devices.

However, this might not be available for all types of iPhones yet.

Apple says it would only release it for iPhone 12 and 13, and hopefully MacBook computers with an M1 chip.

Users with these Apple devices can now replace Apple devices parts for broken or spoilt parts of their device.

Some of the parts could include a screen, camera, battery and others.

And there would be a text guide on how you can do it.

Also, the company added that it would be offering over 200 tools and parts and a manual that would serve as a technical guide.

However, the movement is a shocking one from Apple.

Previously, the company had opposed the idea of the ‘Right to repair ‘or ‘Do it yourself’ movement.

That is, Apple discourages users from self-repairing their devices.

Just recently, it had released a feature that hinders users from changing their camera themself.

The feature would stop the users face ID from working.

What does this mean for iPhone users?

It seems Apple is looking for better ways to satisfy its users’ needs, hence the service.

Using the Apple service, users can spend less and save more.

Going to third party repairers would have made users pay excessively for their services and also the tools.

However,  with the Apple feature, this is avoided.

First, you do not have to leave your house; you aren’t paid for any manual service.

The only payment you will be making is for the tools and parts needed to repair the iPhone.

Also, Apple new release would mean that customers would get genuine products from Apple.

Previously, Apple had been selling parts to third-party repairers.

However, there was no guarantee that this repairer would sell the accurate part to users, especially as it might be coming with a slashed price.

But now, users would get genuine products directly from the Apple stores, although for the full price.

Yet again, the service will shake the employment sector.

This is because many are finding as many people opportunities like this and take relevance in it.

Many people would leverage the fact that Apple would be providing information on how users can repair its devices.

They would use the medium to provide a job for themself as many people would be learning on the technicality of the phone.

And would want to help or do it for others who aren’t inclined.

Also, using the service would enable people to learn about the technicality of the phone.

However, it doesn’t guarantee they know how to do it.

So users might damage their devices more in the process of trying to repair them.

And this might stand as a hindrance to a warranty.

But if you read the manual that comes alongside the parts and tools, you can avoid such a situation.

In its blog post, Apple mentioned that the program was initially for “individual technicians with the knowledge and experience to repair electronic device.”

And so, not anybody can be eligible for the service, even though it is Apple’s way of allowing all its users to make their choice.

That is, Apple expects that those who would want to willingly repair their device have had afore knowledge of its technicality.

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What does this mean for Apple?

Although this is a sudden and unexpected move by Apple, it is exciting for the users.

However, the move must mean something to Apple since it had been opposing it.

iFixit, go-to DIY repair parts and instructions, had lauded the effort of Apple.

And its director had said that “a remarkable concession to our collective competency.”

However, Elizabeth Chamberlain, iFixit’s director, further notes that Apple wasn’t completely transformed.

“The open-source repair revolution we’ve sought through our fight for the right to repair”, Chamberlian says.

And this is because the tools and parts are directly gotten from its platform and would give users full price.

Although, the company hasn’t specified the prices of the parts.

But it means Apple would earn from users through this medium.

Implication for you

The service won’t be available to you yet, until next year.

And It would only be available to specific users, as Apple had stated.

However, with no specific release date, Apple might consider releasing it to more iPhone users.

And so, you should keep expecting updates from Apple.

Also,  be expectant of updates on Apple expanding the service to more countries.

Would you please share with us below your opinion on the announced service?

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