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Apple Develops New Bundles for Their Customers to Enhance Their Digital Services

Apple Develops New Bundles For Its Customers To Enhance Its Digital Services

Apple plans to launch new, more affordable services for their customers towards the end of the year. The services will be available in different bundles for users. Apple named the new subscription feature “Apple One.”

The first package/bundle will have Apple Music and Apple TV +. The second will be the same as the first, but with the Apple Arcade gaming service. While the third bundle will have Apple News.

Finally, the most expensive bundle will provide extra iCloud storage for files and pictures. 

Apple Develops New Bundles For Its Customers To Enhance Its Digital Services

Getty Images: Apple TV

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Apple is following in Amazon’s footsteps

Apple’s plans may change. However, they presently aim to provide these bundles at lower prices for their consumers. The company made this move because they desire the same loyalty from their customers that Amazon (who have succeeded with their prime program) has from theirs.

If you didn’t know, Amazon provides more than just delivery services. Although their services are intertwined, they include free shipping, video streaming, and others. All these go for a yearly or monthly fee.

The subsidiaries under Amazon have also helped boost their status quo. Although Apple doesn’t have any delivery platform like Amazon, it offers a unique selling point.

The company has millions of consumers when it comes to its hardware market. It also has a large number of users following its digital subscriptions.

The new bundle feature will be launched later in the year, along with Apple’s new IOS14, which Apple fanatics are looking forward to. 

Apple Develops New Bundles For Its Customers To Enhance Its Digital Services

Unsplash: Apple Devices

Asides the bundles listed above, there’s more—one for all those interested in exercises and workouts.

The diversification of the bundle

There will be a new subscription for virtual fitness classes. It will be available on iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV. It will also be pricier than the other bundles. 

Apple structured these bundles in a way that everyone and anyone can access them. The packages have ‘family’ as a selling point. 

What this means is the bundles will function using Apple’s already popular family sharing system. As many as six participants will be able to access any bundle.

With this family bundle system, you’d be able to save north of $5. Nonetheless, how much you save depends on the package you subscribe to.

Based on our research, the “Apple One” initiative is bound to attract Wall Street’s attention. 

For more details on the story, check out Bloomberg.

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