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Apple, Microsoft To Make Xbox Series X Controllers Work With iPhones, iPads

Apple partners with Microsoft to grant Xbox Series X controller support for iOS

Apple is teaming up with Microsoft to create a better gaming experience for users.

Both tech giants are working on making the Xbox Series X and S controllers compatible with iPhones and iPads.

There’s no doubt that Apple users will much appreciate this.

Apple already has the fastest chipset on any smartphone, making the iPhone the ideal smartphone for gaming.

Although, there’s the downside of a low battery capacity. However, combining its current processing power with better game controls will be taking mobile gaming to a whole new level for users.

Judging from previous events, it might take a while for everything to fall in place. Both companies have worked on Xbox controller support on iOS in the past.

They worked on support for the Xbox Elite 2 controller, and it didn’t come early.

So, it is not sure how long Apple will take to approve Microsoft’s new Series X controllers. Hopefully, this time it’d be quick.

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Interestingly, there are some pointers alluding to imminent DualSense support. Quite frankly, is it hoped that this support might be coming soon.

A recent report by an Apple insider revealed that iOS 14.3 – now in beta phase – includes seemingly covert support for the PS5’s DualSense controllers.

Apple hasn’t given any affirmation to the claims of soon-to-come DualSense support. Although, it would be a brilliant move seeing that it’s all every avid gamer is raving about.

A very brief digression

PS5 DualSense controllers

The PS5 DualSense feel is the new thrill of gaming. It offers a more profound gaming experience than we’ve previously had.

This year, Sony has taken the sensations from controllers beyond mere vibrations. We have already gotten used to feeling vibrations on pads when players collide in games like FIFA or PES.

Sony anticipated that our cravings, as usual, will change and have brought us a better experience even before we settled to ask for it.

Now, on the PS5 controllers, you can feel almost about anything in-game, from squeezing tight on a rope to fatigue setting in on your players.

You don’t only see it; you can also feel it now. For us, at Techuncode, that’s a true innovation, and it’s just amazing.

Anyway, this wasn’t supposed to be for Sony or the PS5.  However, our full review of the PS5 console, controller, and in-game performance will be coming soon.

Techuncode will talk more extensively about the PS5 and our views of it in that article.

Right now, we are hoping that it doesn’t take Apple a year to include support for the Series Controllers and the DualSense as well.

What do you think about Apple and Microsoft teaming up? Let us know in the comment section below.

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