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Apple Might Find Missing iPhones This way

missing iPhones
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Apple might have the right solution to help locate a missing iPhone.

The update is that Apple will no longer allow the repair of iPhones that have been reported to be missing.

MacRumors obtained this, a popular site for reporting coming updates by Apple.

Apple stores and authorised service providers will no longer repair phones that have reports to be missing through the GSMA device registry.

Explaining further, Apple repair technicians will get a notification if they happen to be working on a missing iPhone.

The notification would come through the missing status in the MobileGenius or GSX systems used to service customers.

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About GSMA and Apple’s new policy

The GSMA device registry contains the database of device serial numbers with all the information about a device.

So if a person reports their phone missing to the appropriate authorities, they would update the phone status on GSMA as missing.

And this would help repair service providers flag a missing phone when they bring it to them for repairs.

Therefore this would help minimise the number of iPhone missing cases.

Repair service will not repair phones that are in the wrong hands.

Also, the update would be building on an existing policy by Apple.

The policy bans Apple technicians from removing a device activation lock, except the owner can provide proof that they purchased the device.

Also, they will refuse to repair phones in Lost Mode through the Find my app.

This would show the device in a locked mode and display the contact information on the lock screen.

However, Apple has not publicly confirmed if the report by MacRumors is accurate.

Implication for users

If the update is accurate, this might be a strategy by Apple to find missing iPhones.

Over the years, there has been a surge in iPhones getting stolen and sold.

And this might be a perfect way to combat such activities.

Although Apple hasn’t officially given a statement to this report, hopefully, it is true.

Also, there haven’t been specifics if investigations will occur after catching a person with a device reported to be missing.

However, this would be an excellent solution for the company.

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