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Apple Says New MacBook Pro Is Set To Blow Its Users

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Apple recently launched its first chip, M1, specially designed for MacBooks using industry-leading 5-nanometer process technology.

The chip was to deliver an incredible performance, custom and technological efficiency in every Mac that it comes with.

However, the chip would soon be the slowest and oldest as Apple plans to launch a new one this year.

Apple said that alongside its 16 MacBook Pro, it would launch a 12 core-chip.

In December 2020, an Apple product update site, LeaksApplePro, tweeted that a 12 core Mc will launch in March.


However, this was not the first time the platform tweeted about the new update coming in March 2021.

In November 2020, LeakApplePro revealed that Apple would launch a new chip, Apple M1X, also referred to as the 12 core-chip.

Although the tweet said that the name wasn’t final and stated some of its features, which include 4 high-efficiency cores and 8 performance cores.

As such, the yet-to-be-released chip wasn’t to be compared with the existing one, M1.

A source said, “If you think M1 is fast, you haven’t seen M1X”.

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Apple said that the current chip is a breakthrough as it does the work of several chips.

In a blog post, Apple said until M1 was developed, Mac needed several chips to deliver its features.

However, with M1 “these technologies are combined into a single system on a chip (SoC), delivering a new level of integration for more simplicity, more efficiency, and amazing performance.

Also, depending on a MacBook configuration, its M1 processor comes with 8 cores for CPU and 7 to 8 cores for GPU.

The bomb

Apple said that with all its upgrades, the MacBook Portfolio is still missing out on some important things that need to be filled with an ARM processor.

Both the 16-inch MacBook Pro and 13-inch MacBook Pro are specifically where the processor is needed; as they handle more data, more media creation, computing performance and deliver more power.

Besides, both devices will be the newest member of the portfolio and so will deliver unique experiences.

On this note, the ARM processor, M1X, will be released alongside both Mac products in March.

However, Apple has not scheduled a specific date in March for the launch as there were many disrupted scheduled dates last year.

Apple keeps gunning at the top with its ambitious schedules. By 2022, it plans to switch its entire line-up to Apple silicon.

What would users’ reactions be like?

Since the launch hasn’t taken place, we can not fathom the actual reaction of users.

However, we could derive how the reaction could be like from the comments under the announcement by LeaksApplePro on its Twitter platform.


With exciting reactions like the above, we hope Apple would release the M1X MacBooks sooner than we expect!

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