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Best Drawing Apps To Get For Chromebook In 2021

best drawing app fdor Chromebooks
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Searching for the best drawing apps for Chromebook, then stick through. We would highlight the nine best drawing apps for Chromebooks to get in 2021.

Many people think, unlike laptops, Chromebooks don’t have quality drawing apps, so they are often not used by creatives.

They believe using Chromebooks for creatives won’t give them the best or unique drawing.

However, it is not valid.

And we are set to prove this by changing the narrative of Chromebooks and show you the best drawing apps for Chromebooks.

But before we highlight them for you, let’s know more about Chromebooks.

About Chromebooks

In 2011, Chromebook was introduced into the market.

It operates on Google Operating System (OS)

Often, many people confuse Chromebooks with laptops because they share similar features, especially their physical appearance.

However, they aren’t the same.

They operate on different OS.

Laptops (Windows and MacBook) operates on different OS, while Chromebook operates on Google operating system.

Interestingly, Chromebooks are also considered similar to a tablet.

The difference is that it operates and performs differently from a Chromebook.

Now, what are Chromebooks made to do? How do its features benefit a task?

Generally, Chromebooks are a fit for learning. They are usually simple to use and kid-friendly.

Some of them come as convertible and touchscreen, while some come as just convertible or just touchscreen.

However, they meet a specific requirement for those using it to learn, especially the young ones.

Asides from the above-mentioned, Chromebooks are used by gamers and cyber experts.

It is because of the brilliant performance and features that it offers.

People trying to start a career as a gamer or cyber expert prefer to get a Chromebook for its powerfulness.

Still, many are not aware that Chromebooks can be used by creatives.

It features and performance support drawing apps that give quality and great drawings and designs.

A drawing app works flawlessly and gives beautiful digital painting when used on a Chromebook

If you are an artist or a creative, then you should consider some of these Chromebook drawing apps,

Alongside each drawing apps, we would highlight their features, pros and cons.

After, you can make your selection of drawing apps for your Chromebook.

Before we go that route, below are some considerations in selecting drawing apps for Chromebooks.

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Consideration in the selection of best drawing apps for Chromebook

Interestingly, there are many drawing apps for Chromebooks to select from.

Chromebooks opens broad support for drawing apps.

However, not all drawing apps might fit into what you want.

The below would serve as a guide in aiding your decision of the best drawing apps that would be listed.


In selecting a drawing app for Chromebook, you should consider a free drawing app.

That is, apps you don’t need to pay for before you can use them.

Many drawing apps happen to fall under this, so you might have to weigh other requirements in making your decision.

However, you should know that some apps offer in-app purchases for extra and premium activities.

You can decide to pay for it if you want.


When considering a drawing app for your Chromebook, you should consider an app that aligns with your given task.

Whatever task you are trying to do, the drawing app must have the available tool to perform those tasks.

And it should be able to satisfy your need.


When using a drawing app, you should use the one to enable you to perform tasks efficiently.

Some apps don’t respond well to users interactions because they aren’t built with consideration for the users.

There are many top-notch drawing apps, or website tool you can select that performs brilliantly.

So considering what type of task you would be doing, research the app before downloading.

However, not to worry, we have selected some below with excellent performance.

Offline Support

You should consider a drawing app that can operate without you being online.

Offline support would be advantageous to a person, especially when in a case where your internet connection isn’t strong and you don’t want anything to disrupt your creative process.

Using a drawing app that allows offline access would be able to work without any disruption.

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Best drawing apps for Chromebook

Below are types of Chromebook drawing apps. However, we want you to know that the apps are not in any simultaneous way.

Sumo Paint

Best drawing app for Chromebooks

The Sumo paint drawing app is one of the best drawing apps for Chromebooks with advanced web tools and features.

It is a web-based tool, so it doesn’t require download. You can always find it online.

Using a Chromebook can limit you from having some apps. Especially for those given to you by an institution.

They might not give you access for you to download apps from the app store.

And so, it might be difficult for you to download drawing apps.

In cases like this, you can opt to use Sumo paint; it is entirely free.

All you need to do is open an account, and then you can begin to use it to create unique designs.

It comes with about 300 brushes that can be customised according to the need of the project.

You can adjust the angle, style or gravity level of the brush.

Also, It comes with a colour picker tool and gradient, making it easier to speed up the painting process.

And it features a series of layers effects, and other tools like filters, joining images for unique effects and a fantastic text editor.

With Sumo paint, you can also explore other options like animation and 3D effects. It offers animated and 3D brushes.

You can save your work in three formats on your Chromebook, and you can also save it on the cloud of your computer.

The unique part of using Sumo paint is that you can use it offline.

PROS                                                                                                  CONS



Hasten colouring

Web-based tool

Boxy SVG

Best drawing apps for Chromebook

Looking for a drawing app for Chromebook that ticks the boxes of best drawing apps for Chromebook, you should consider this.

Boxy SVG is a vector drawing app with digital tools that enable you to create unique designs.

It enables you to create all types of shapes and forms.

Also, it offers several font options that allow you to change the font.

You can change size and colour.

Making sure the design fits the size of the required dimension.

The down part of the drawing tool is that it has limited brushes, so the options are limited.

However, the drawing tool is built clean and has an organised user interface (UI).

So it makes navigation easy on the platform, and you don’t get overwhelmed by too many menus scattered on the site.

Boxy supports keyboard shortcuts, so you can easily make corrections and navigate the system using long cuts.

Also, you don’t require downloading from the play store as the drawing tool runs on the web page.

And so, all you need to do is open an account.

When you are done with the creation, you can save your design to a flash drive or cloud.

The down point to the drawing tool is that it uses an outdated interface, and it has limited brushes compared to other drawing tools.

Looking for a vector drawing tool for Chromebook, then you should get Boxy SVG.

PROS                                                                                      CONS

Offline support                                                                      Outdated interface

Runs on browsers                                                                  Limited brushes

Supports keyboard

Offers different graphic fonts


If you are looking for a vector sketching app, you should consider Concept.

It ticks most of the boxes required in selecting a drawing app.

The platform is mainly used by seasoned professional creatives as it has been accepted as one of the best digital drawing apps.

However, those that aren’t so professional can use it for its quality tools.

Asides Concept is free, and it offers in-app purchases for students.

With the free version, you can get access to layers, brushes, and precision alignment.

This makes it one of the digital art apps for Chromebook free.

While for the in-app payment offers a plan that allows you to add infinite layers, create custom brushes, and export your work in different formats.

It features different stylus pen, brushes, pencils and pens that allows users to tilt, pressure and velocity (make changes).

Also, it comes with an infinite canvas that allows you to choose from a set of paper types.

With the infinite canvas, you can create an illustration, sketch, and design plan.

And then, you can alternate the position, colour, scale, backgrounds, textures, and papers from the canvas.

So in a case where you are doing a social media post, you can resize the creative to fit the required screen.

If you would like to enjoy all the fantastic tools and features of the Concept, you should download the full package of the drawing app.

PROS                                                                                                 CONS


Vector sketching

Accessible tools


Looking for the best beginner drawing app for Chromebook, you should choose Artflow for Chromebook.

It is one of the best drawing apps on Chromebook.

Especially for beginners, it allows them to easily navigate through the menu and begin to create using the available tools.

You can easily install it on your Chromebook without going through too much stress.

The major thing that qualifies the drawing app out of others is how lightweight it is.

And it provides all you need (brushes, pencils, pen, gradient, colour picker, opacity slider) to begin your painting journey using a Chromebook.

You can get the app free; however, it would not give you full access to all its tools.

With an advanced package that is paying the in-app purchases, you would be given full access to all the tools of the drawing app.

Also, each of your drawings would be staying in high resolution; this is because the maximum size of the canvas is 6144×6144.

If you happen to love working without disruption from the internet, you can always put off your connection.

The drawing app fully supports offline tutorials.

Using this drawing app would give you good creative but using the pro max of Artflow would give the best quality.

PROS                                                                                        CONS

Free                                                                                              High resolution

Beginners friendly

Easy to use

Offline support

Chrome Canvas

When considering drawing apps to use on Chromebooks, you should consider the canvas drawing app.

It is a basic app that allows you to make sketches quickly, especially as a beginner.

The app’s basic features include pencil, chalk, marker, pen, and eraser options.

It is one drawing app that can be used from the Chrome browser to create quick sketches.

You can use its custom colour palette and picker to decide the colours that you want.

Also, you can see the opacity and size with the drawing tool, resizing them to the shape of the drawing you want.

The downside to the Chromebook is that it doesn’t work with a stylus pen.

And so it would be hard to be used for professional designs, it won’t bring out the best of qualities.

You can’t also create multiple layers or create a digital painting from photos.

However, the app can be used offline without an internet connection, which is okay.

And so you should consider getting the Chrome canvas on your Chromebook, especially when you are just starting.

PROS                                                       CONS

Free                                                           Doesn’t use a stylus pen

Tailored to beginners                           Can create professional designs

Offline access

SketchBook by Autodesk

Best drawing apps fro Chromebook

If you are looking for one of the best Chromebooks for professional creatives, Sketchbook is one to go for.

It doesn’t matter if you are not a professional yet; you should get Sketchbook to start drawing.

Autodesk sketchbook pro Chromebook and sketchbook are famous apps by Autodesk, popular for their amazing features and tools.

You don’t have to be connected to the internet to use the drawing tool

All you have to do is download the app, or you can access it from the website.

Open an account, and then you can enable the offline version that allows you to perform tasks without an internet connection.

With the app, you can easily customise your drawing experience with a series of tools.

Sketchbook is compatible with a stylus pen that allows you to draw, sketch and save o your device.

It features more than 190 brushes and pens that can be customised to fit the user’s needs.

It has a huge canvas and supports a multi-layered design.

And so its performance isn’t limited to only drawing but designing, animation, 3D.

Considering all this, Sketchbook is a good drawing app for Chromebooks.

To list more with Sketchbook, you can continue sketches.

Let’s say you are an artist, and you sketched on paper.

Through Sketchbook, you can scan your paper through your Chromebook camera and then continue the drawing using the drawing app.

The best part of Sketchbook is that it encourages free hand and runs well in a full-screen mode.

It comes with a predictive stroke technology that helps lines and shapes without having to do them manually.

And so, It would be best if you considered getting the drawing app for your Chromebook.

However, you should know that it has a paid and free version.

The free version offers a gallery organizer, pinch to zoom, layer and symmetry tools, and offline support.

While the premium unlocks more premium tools.

PROS                                                                                                                 CONS

Free                                                                                                                  Lacks photoshopping feature.

Compatible stylus pen

Encourages free hand

Android support

High technology

Variety of drawing tools and brushes


Sketchpad Chromebook is one of the best drawing apps for Chromebook because it ticks most of the requirements needed.

It doesn’t support the play store, and so it is a web-based drawing tool.

To use the app, you need to create an account to save your work after creating.

However, Sketchpad supports offline and the use of progressive web app (PWA) instalment.

Also, it supports a bit of vector drawing bringing all the available tools needed, like about 18 drawing brushes, layers, colour pickers and style.

So if you have an interest in vector drawing, this drawing app would be a good place to practice your art.

It contains about 5000 vector images in its clip art that can be accessed for free, with about 800 fonts to include while editing an image.

Sketchpad works at achieving a realistic look for an image by tracing the pictures using line or path work.

Aside from Sketchpad, you can decide to import a picture from your computer file, edit on the drawing tool and print or save them directly to your computer.

Please consider Sketchpad as it is a good drawing app for Chromebook.

PROS                                                                                                         CONS

Web-based tool

Supports offline

Variety of fonts and clip arts

Krita  Chromebook
Best drawing apps for Chromebook

Krita is a powerful drawing tool that is used for drawing and sketching.

It s a Linux app that can be found on Chromebook to professional-grade drawing programs.

It is free and completely open-source.

And please catch the opportunity to learn and practice using the platform.

However, before you can do anything on the platform, you need to set up an account.

It offers powerful tools that allow you to be diverse in your digital painting,

Krita competes with the best platform for professionals, Sketchbook and Adobe.

And it allows users to create conceptual art, comics, and complex illustrations using its powerful tools.

PROS                                                                           CONS

Complex illustrators                                            Require Linux support.

Free and Open

Powerful tools

Adobe photoshop Chromebook

It is an excellent drawing app that can be downloaded on Chromebook.

Also, it is one of the best drawing apps for Chromebooks that can be used in 2021.

Most artists make use of Adobe photoshop for their professional designs and creatives.

All you need to do to access it is to download the drawing app from the play store.

Although it can be mistaken to be an app for photoshop from the name, it is not.

Also, it comes with spectacular tools, layers and brushes options.

And it would be best if you considered Adobe photoshop; it is one of the best drawing apps for Chromebook free.

PROS                                                                                                         CONS



Supports play store

Implication for you

By now, you know the nine best drawing apps for Chromebooks.

These apps would engage your creativity juice to produce fantastic art.

Surely, you’ve been able to make your decision from the number of drawing tools available and see which one fits.

However, we want you to know that the app’s claims are not directly guaranteed with Techuncode or the writer.

We carefully selected the claims from previous reviews done on the apps.

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