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Breaking: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Temporarily Down

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WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Facebook Messenger users had issues with accessing their respective mobile apps.

The issue faced by users vary across the platforms, with Instagram and Facebook users unable to update their feeds.

WhatsApp users, on the other hand are unable to send or receive any messages, while some users are experiencing a total block out.

DownDetector, a social media tracking website indicates that more than 40,000 people  reported issues with WhatsApp.

Also, over 30,000 and 1,600 reports were registered for Instagram and Facebook, respectively.

Further data form the website shows that at least 67 per cent people were unable to refresh their news feed on Instagram while 19% were unable to login to their accounts.

As of the time of this publication, the mother company, Facebook is yet to make any comment on the ongoing outage; however, users across different locations have reported the issues on other social platforms like Twitter.

Update: All social media platforms reported above are back online.

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