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Call for Channel Partners – Grenada Citizenship-By-Investment



Call for Channel Partners – Grenada Citizenship-By-Investment

Global Migration – Citizenship and Residency by investment programmes offer benefits for a wide range of people, from investors seeking global opportunities to those who want to provide education and security for their children, and channel partners looking to make money (commission) from client referrals.

With an annual market estimate of $21.4 billion USD, succeeding in this industry involves connecting with wealthy individuals and business executives, creating strategic corporate alliance and Government partnerships.

The high demand for alternate-citizenship or passport has reached a critical point where it is reasonable to suggest that investment migration has become a standard consideration for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) who are looking to hedge volatility and create short-term value as well as long-term yield through enhanced global mobility.

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Grenada (capital – St. George’s, population of 200,000 and GDP of %1.801 billion) offers Citizenship-by-investment program, with amazing opportunities and benefits if you are seeking alternative citizenship.

The Grenada passport is Ranked 30 (best passports in the world) Visa free access to over 149+ countries including the UK, United State (E-2 treaty) and the countries of the Schengen Area.

No tax on income, capital gains, wealth, inheritance and property.

Offers a processing time of 4 – 6 months (approximately).

You also have citizenship for life for primary applicant and family, as it provides an enabling environment for the family and your business.

Grenada is one of the few country with a citizen-by-investment program whose citizens enjoy access to the E-2 Treaty Visa Program of the United States.

Working with Global Citizenship Service, there are 2 (two) ways to obtain citizenship-by investment in Grenada and will be discussed in detail.

This publication is a CALL FOR CHANNEL PARTNERS who have a clientele database of HNWI interested in taking advantage of the Grenada Citizenship Program.

Channel Partners have an opportunity to make referral based commissions and promotional commission (in USD) for each successful application processed amongst other benefits.

To register as a Channel Partner, you need to provide the following information and the details of the next Global Citizenship Seminar (Free) will be shared with you.

1. Full Business Name 2.
2. Business Registration Number
3. 3. Licence/Certificate of Company
4. 4. Contact Details
5. • Office address
6. • Contact Person
7. • Contact phone number
8. • Email
9. 5. Company’s main business operation
10. 6. Bank account details (Optional)

If you’ll like to contact us call —-+234 810 938 6299 or email —- You can nevre tell what tomorrow holds for you until you engage.

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