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Everything To Know About Digital Assistive Cohort (DAT) Acceleration Program Cohort 6

Digital Assistive
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The technology space keeps expanding as different innovation and invention keeps coming up to make life seamless and less complex. Many African startups have started developing innovative solutions to help those with disabilities living in Africa. And eagerly, there are people to backup these startups with their acceleration program. Innovative Now, an African organisation based in Kenya, is calling out on startups across the African continent who have brought digital technologies to assist those with disabilities. The program themed Digital Assistive Technology aims to support startups offering assistance to those with disabilities in Africa. It helps them access digital assistive technology solutions and digital assistive technology for every sector.

The DAT program will last for three months and will be held online.

What does your startup stand to get from Digital Assistive Cohort?

  • Startups chosen will access Kenya-based and Global professionals who will mentor them in assistive technology and entrepreneurship.
  • They would have access to a Live lab, allowing them to carry out experiments and get feedback.
  • Access to investment network and funding ecosystem.
  • Tangible support for the startup to be able to function ad succeed. It could be technical or non-technical.
  • Access to a Global inclusive innovation ecosystem and partnership with the organisation of persons with disabilities.

Do you fall amongst these startups assisting with digital solutions for those with disabilities? If you are one, here is how you can qualify to be part of this program.

Who can apply for DAT Cohort 6

  • Those who fall under East Africa geographic.
  • The startups must be past the proof of concept stage. It must come with evidence like viable products and initial users.
  • Also, it must be in the digital assistive technology space.
  • Non-profit and profit organisations can apply for it.
  • Entrepreneurs with disabilities should apply, and there is no gender specification.
  • Individuals applying from Kenya must be of the age of 18 years, which is the legal working age in Kenya, or a person should guarantee the person with that age.

Here are some things DAT is looking for and can qualify you for its cohort program.

  • Startups that are driven by innovation to improve access to technology that can assist those with disabilities. Also, startups provide assistive technology solutions for those with disabilities in every economic sector.
  • Innovative, execution focused-agile problem solvers
  • Authentic mission-driven founders.
  • They are looking for teams with a culture of empathy, continuous learning and problem-solving.
  • Structured and efficient teams.

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What will the selection be like?

If you are wondering how the selection for the Digital Assistive Cohort 6 would be, keep reading.

Innovate now has said the selection will come in two stages.

Stage 1: online shortlisting. Judges will shortlist applications based on their requirements and what it is looking for.

Stage 2: Online interviewing. The people in this stage have passed the first stage and will now go through questioning. A maximum of 10 teams will be selected to join the program.

So, all teams must participate in these two steps above before qualifying to be part of the program.

More information about Digital Assistive Cohort

The program is free for everyone that wants to join.

Innovate now; the program host won’t be taking any equity or share from the company.

Those entrepreneurs with disabilities would be reimbursed for any cost during the program.

How can you apply to be part of this program? Click the link here.

You should know that the application ends on August 15, so you still have more time to decide to be part of the DAT program.

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