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Clubhouse Makes First Partnership With NFL

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Clubhouse, the audio-only app, on Sunday announced that it would be partnering with the National Football League (NFL). It is partnering for exclusive programming during the NFL draft.


Interestingly, this would be the first sports partnership for Clubhouse.

Although, it is coming after Sean Brown joins Clubhouse after working as a senior marketing director at Wasserman, a sports marketing agency.

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NFL will use Clubhouse to broadcast the 2021 NFL Draft week in its efforts to bring together the global community of football players, fans, and leagues on the platform.

Commenting on this, Sean, the new Head of Sports Partnerships at Clubhouse, said, “The NFL’s commitment to innovation is matched only by their devotion to their fans, and we are proud to welcome the NFL to Clubhouse,”.

“The Draft is one of the biggest events of the year for football fans, and we know that millions of creators will be discussing, debating, and celebrating throughout the week.”, he added.

Also, NFL has said it would be hosting a room throughout the week on the Clubhouse platform.

Yesterday, it hosted its first room and planned to continue all through the week.

NFL would also be holding discussions on the pre-Draft assessment of prospective players, mock draft for fans, the football team alumni from the University of Alabama would be done in the room and many others.

Fans who are interested in NFL can drop into the various NFL rooms to join the discussion with key players in NFL and follow the picks announced.

Featuring in the room would be key players in the National Football League, including players and coaches.

However, to join the room, an invite link was scripted in the tweet.

Clubhouse might be raising the bar from its competitors

Since its short existence, the audio-only platform has gained quite a number of competitions. Some of them include LinkedIn, Twitter, Discord, Spotify, Slack and Facebook.

Apparently, these social platforms have found a way of inputting the audio feature on their platform.

And since the platform is still not yet available to Android users and is still an invite-only app, many of its competitors have found a way to leverage it.

However, many believe that this decision might be a way of attracting and retaining its audience.

Asides, Clubhouse is also planning on introducing many more features to its app.

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