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Day 3 iCreate: End Of Competition, Pleasantries And Awards

Day 3 iCreate
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Day 3 of the iCreate event ended with a bang!

Winners were announced and awarded accordingly to their position.

Here are some memories and moments we captured on this day.

Interviews were held with contestants and their student assistants.

They were asked questions about their journey through the competition and significant moments that stood out for them.

It was inspiring to see the willpower put in by the contestant to complete the competition and also the insight they gathered all through the event.

Most of them also dwelled on the event’s outcome and that it has changed their perception of the skilful business of construction.

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Later on, sponsors were called on stage and congratulated; next were the judges, who were appreciated for their outstanding efforts to make the event a success.

Lastly, other dignitaries and contestants are being invited on stage.

While doing this, the winner for each category was announced.

Here is a breakdown of the awards and winners for each category.


first runner scoring up 70.7 Haruna Jimoh – N100,000

Second runner scoring up to 73.7 Dike Boriis – N200, 000

The First Price winner scoring up to 78.2 points is Preston Benson – N300,000.


The second runner up 6Second runner up score of 67.7 is Ude Joseph

First runner up with a score of 68.7 is Uche Eze

The winner with a score of 72.8 is Augustine


Third runner up with a score of 69.3 is Rita Christopher

The second runner up is 75.0 is Adeshinor Olawunmi

The winner with a score of 78.3 is Promise Jonathan


Third runner up Onyetunde Osita Dominjc

Second runner up with a score of 75.00, Isaac Adakole

The winner with a score of 78.9 BI is Tonshe


Third runner up Izang Amos with a score of 72.5

Second runner up Simeon Joshua, with a score of 75.4

The winner with a score of 83.7 is Opeyemi Abolade



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