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Spotify Will Host Popular User Created Playlist On Its Platform

Spotify Host Popular User Created Playlist
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The multinational audio streaming platform Spotify will be testing a new update, user created playlist, for users.

It said the update would allow the popular playlists to be hosted on its app homepage.

And the playlist would be recommended to users in ‘select markets’, and it will appear in their featured curator carousel.

However, in these ‘select markets’, Spotify hasn’t specified where exactly it would be rolling out to or what devices it is rolling to.

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Also, it mentioned that the playlist section doesn’t contain content from just any user.

Instead, the playlist was selected based on the creators’ followers and the playlist’s popularity.

The selection is also based on whether the playlist tells unique stories or creates a connection with the listeners.

Many Spotify users have been gifted with the talent of creating a powerful playlist that has become popular.

Interestingly, this is coming after Spotify released a feature that allows individuals to create a collaborative playlist.

The playlist is one that everyone in the group can resonate with, making it personalized.

It will work this way – that after each member joins the group, Spotify will automatically create a playlist according to each preference.

Spotify says that 10 friends can do the collaboration.

Implication for you reading

If you are reading this, you probably want to check your Spotify account; to know if you are among the select market for the user created playlist.

And that would be good for you as you would be able to enjoy a variety of popular playlists from all over the world.

Although this is just testing, the feedback from the test would determine if the streaming platform would want to expand the update.

The user created playlist is part of Spotify’s attempt to highlight its users’ creations and help them grow.

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