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Enter US, China, UK, Other Countries Visa-Free With Grenada CBI – Hengsheng Group

Samuel Fair (Participant), Chairman Li (Heng Sheng Group) and Olumide Idowu (Heng Sheng Group Regional Director for Africa)
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Samuel Fair (Participant), Chairman Li (Heng Sheng Group) and Olumide Idowu (Heng Sheng Group Regional Director for Africa)

Samuel Fair (Participant), Chairman Li (Heng Sheng Group) and Olumide Idowu (Heng Sheng Group Regional Director for Africa)

The Hengsheng Group, a global investment holding company and the developer of the Grenada National Resort, is calling on investors from Nigeria and other African countries who desire a second and powerful passport respected by most developed countries in the world, to jump on the Grenada Citizenship-By-Investment (CBI) scheme which it is currently offering and have unrestricted travels to the US, China, UK and other countries in the world completely Visa-Free!

The CBI is a project of Grenada – a country in the Caribbean – known for its rich spice production.

Meanwhile, according to the group, the CBI project has the full backing of the Grenada constitution under section 8 (1) of the Grenada Citizenship by Investment.

It said the highly-valued citizenship by Investment (CBI) also offers many other benefits to foreign nationals who want to have a second citizenship and a passport that gives visa-free gateway to the world’s two most important and greatest economies – US and China.

The Grenada visa, obtained through the CBI, also offers free tuition for children of the applicant to attend K12 public schools and in-state tuition for university students.

Disclosing this in Lagos during its first-ever dinner held at the Marriot Bonvoy on the 17th of October, 2022, Chairman of the group, Mr. Yuanfa Li said the Grenadian passport, under the CBI project, also gives its holders visa-free access to about 141 other countries in the world.

He said as a global investment holding which offers its world-standard services globally, the Hengsheng Group, with the approval of the Grenadian government, has come to the African real estate market to offer the CBI opportunity to qualified investors.

The Chairman of HSG also said that the Grenada CBI is a very safe and trusted investment which has the full backing of the Grenadian government.

While warmly welcoming the audience comprising approved local agents, media personnel, CEOs, estate managers, travel agents from Nigeria, Grenada and other countries as well as other stakeholders in the travel and tourism sector, Mr Li urged investors to avoid the regular denials they usually get at embassies of many countries by investing in the Grenadian project and obtaining the country’s citizenship.

Keep in mind that the dinner reception in Nigeria was organized by the Regional Director for Africa, Mr. Idowu Olumide.

Mr Olumide is equally a licensed director authorised to assist any investor with the whole application processes from start to finish.

Speaking at the event, Mr Olumide said anyone interested in the Grenada CBI and who wishes to start the process or make further enquires should contact the Regional Director’s office on +1 (347) 557 6434 or email him directly on iolumide@hengshenggrenada.com.

According to him, visa application takes between four to six months to get approval after the submission of application.

According to him, “the Grenada CBI offers multi-generational citizenship to the original applicant (the investor).”

“With just one investment in the Grenada CBI, an applicant’s four generations which includes the spouse, children, parents, grandparents and siblings can also obtain the Grenadian citizenship.”

“The Grenada CBI offers the best citizenship and passport anyone can get from the Caribbean.”

The Grenadian licensed regional director for Africa also noted saying that Nigerians, especially importers, the rich and other high net worth individuals who have or risk experiencing rejections at some embassies over flimsy excuses, despite their status financially and otherwise, need to invest in the Grenada CBI scheme and avoid such embarrassments.

Explaining why the Grenada Citizenship by Investment project requires the applicant to invest with the stipulated amount, Mr Olumide said investing in the Grenada CBI is the best real estate investment anyone can have in terms of a second citizenship. He also said that the Grenada CBI is the only citizenship in the Caribbean that can grant its holders the US E-2 visa.

Meanwhile, also speaking at the event, Attorney at law by profession and Grenadian licensed local agent,   Mrs Sheila M. Harris, said due diligence is strictly followed to ensure that investors who want to invest in the Grenada CBI are not those with questionable funds.

According to the senior CBI consultant licensed by the Grenada government to process applications for those who apply for the CBI, the Grenada CBI is a very strong passport that gives it’s holders the opportunity to travel to several countries of the world “visa-free.”

She said, “We have visa-free travel to China, UK and several other countries. Grenada passport offers a second citizenship mobility that another passport is unable to provide” and “a CBI citizen has the same rights with any other Grenadian citizen.”

Moreover, explaining why Grenada will not accept applicants with ill-gotten funds from Nigeria or elsewhere, Mrs Harris said “Grenada has one of the strictest due diligence prgrammes within the Caribbean region. So, we have very strict immigration policy beginning with our local agents who do due diligence checks on your source of wealth and source of fund. Then you get to the CBI unit where you have different layers of due diligence.

“At that point, we have certain third party due diligence agencies who will come to Nigeria to check the authenticity of your documentation. In addition, we have the finance intelligence that is able to tap into the FBI unit.”

She said the country has a process of visa denial to those who do not meet the requirements.

According to her, “we also have a process of denial – where client is not fit, that client would be denied.”

She said what makes a client unfit for the Grenadian citizenship are involvement in any sort of criminal activity, giving false declarations on your applications and if you have been denied visa by other Caribbean countries and from countries where Grenada has visa-free access.


She also said that an applicant would be denied visa if he or she has had to be involved in acts or issues threatening the national security of a country before. However, she advised that clients who were previously denied visa in countries Grenada has visa-free can reapply.


Mrs Harris equally noted that the CBI is a tool used to build the Grenada economy and as such, is targeted at high network individuals and not students.


As for foreign nationals who are already studying in Grenada and who want to transition into being Grenadian citizens, the senior Grenadian agent said those students must apply for the country’s citizenship after staying in the country for seven years.


Meanwhile, speaking on why Nigerians should invest in the Grenadian CBI, Mrs. Harris said Nigerians need to invest in the CBI because “Grenada offers Nigerians the opportunity to do something that the Nigerian passport cannot allow them to do.”

“Second citizenship is mobility. The Grenada citizenship offers you mobility.”

Meanwhile, speaking in why the Hengsheng Group chose Nigeria for its awareness, the regional director said Nigerians need a second citizenship to enjoy the benefits that the Grenada CBI offers.

He said Grenada is the only country in the Caribbean that has the US E-2 visa as well as gives you visa-free access to 144 countries  in the world.

Grenada is one of the world’s most magnificent islands in the windward of the Caribbean, and renowned for its spice production.

How to apply?

Interested applicants can make further enquires or start the process by contacting the Regional Director’s office on +1 (347) 557 6434 or email him directly on iolumide@hengshenggrenada.com

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