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e-waste: Five Billion Phones To Be Thrown Away This 2022

e-waste: Five Billion Phones To Be Thrown Away This 2022
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Before the end of this year 2022, about 5.3 billion mobile phones will be thrown away, the international waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) forum has revealed.

It also said that, based on global trade data, “e-waste” is on the increase. This is because, many people keep old phones, rather than recycling them.

In the past few years, Phone brands have released upgraded and new versions of their phones for their consumers. Brands like Apple, Google, Vivo, Samsung and Infinix have released new phones this year and this means that if you are getting a newer model or brand, you might need to stop using your older devices. However, in many cases, getting a new phone might mean you have to abandon the old phones in your cupboard or at one corner of your house, aside flinging them into the trash can or bush. 

What is e-waste?

e-waste is often referred to as electronic waste. They are not only mobile phones but also laptops, tablets, TVs, blenders, etc. 

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e-waste is gadgets and electronic products that are nearing the end of their use. 

Why should e-waste be looked at?

One of the growing concerns in the world is the issue of waste pollution. According to a report by United Nations, in 2019 the world generated 53.6 million metrics of waste pollution. Another report by the World Bank says that the world generates 2.01 billion tonnes of solid waste yearly. 

The growth of waste pollution calls for concern.  This is a result of the rise in waste pollution in a community affecting the well-being of people there.

One of the contributing factors to the rate of waste pollution is e-waste. The life span of many devices is limited and so requires them to change their devices after a while.

To solve this, we looked at what people can do with their old gadgets and devices. 

How to do to prevent e-waste

Here are a few things you can do to alleviate old gadgets and devices to prevent e-waste.

Repurpose your gadget

This is one helpful way to prevent the increase in waste pollution.

If you happen to have two phones, you can dedicate them to different things. You could use one as an official line. That is strictly for business transactions and office-related issues. And you use the second device for informal communication. Also, this could work in the case of owning two computers or laptops.

Repurposing your gadgets or devices gives value to them. You won’t see the need to keep them hanging around or throw them away.

Find a disposal centre

This is another way you can help reduce the rise in waste pollution in your environment. Research any disposal centre around your environment. And then dedicate a day to drop them off or you can use a delivery service to drop them off if you are busy.

Disposing of your old gadgets and devices in a disposal centre is the best way for clearing out old gadgets. And thanks to the initiatives that have come up over the years in seeing this through.

Sell it off

Although some of the gadgets might be old they still function properly. You can decide to sell it at a lower price. Somehow, that’s a lot more gainful than the other options.

This way you are alleviating waste pollution and earning some cool cash at the same time.

Sell it to upgrade

This is similar to selling a phone. Except that you can sell the phone, add some money to get a replacement. This method is very common with Apple devices. However, it can be more effective when the phone is of a good quality that would interest a buyer.

Don’t upgrade it yet

Although in some cases, there is an urgent and authentic reason to change your phone.

While for others it might be to jump on recent trends.

However, many of these brands have made it easier for people to get repairs for their phones. They have a dedicated team that addresses issues with a device.

Some companies have insurance for their phones and some give a warranty.

Interestingly, some brands have launched a self-service repair package that enables users to repair their devices themselves.

Return it to the manufacturer

Although this is not guaranteed, it is an option you should definitely consider. If the electronic is unusable and cannot be repurposed you can send it off to the manufacturer. Some of them have a process of taking back products that is at the end of their life. However, not all manufacturers do it. You have to do thorough research to ensure this.


Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. And you now know what to do with your old gadgets or your old electronic wares. Do you have anything to highlight? Please share it with us in the comment section.

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