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FG Makes New Announcement On NIN-SIM Verification Exercise

NIMC extends enrolment deadline till saturdays

The Federal Government has approved the extension of the deadline for National Identity Number (NIN)-Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) data verification to the 30th of June, 2021.

The postponement of the deadline was also based on the request by stakeholders for an extension till 30th of June, 2021 in order to make it easier for all citizens and legal residents to register.

There has also been a recorded increase in the number of enrollment centres in the country, with about 3,800 centres than the numbers reported in February with 1,060 registration centres.

However, with the new deadline extension, it seems many Nigerians are yet to link their NIN to their SIM.

According to reports, there are about 17 million Nigerians left to complete the registration procedure.

Deployment of Android enrolment system

Although the FG has made several attempts to make the registration easier and move faster, however, to no avail.

They keep having to move the deadline repeatedly due to some restrictions.

However, announcing in a press release, FG said it would introduce an “Android enrollment system”. 

It would be deployed to help accelerate the speed and ease of the enrollment process.

Although, this is coming after the announcement of its fourth deadline extension.

On Monday, another extension of the NIN registration deadline was announced in a press release.

It was moved from May 9th  to June 30th. This came after its 3rd attempt at hitting the deadline.

However, the announcement was targeted at Nigerians who are yet to link their NIN to their SIM.

After, if a citizen has not done it, they would have to bear the consequences.

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SIM registration ban uplifted

Until the issue of fraud and cybercrime rate took a surge before FG announced the suspension of SIM registration.

Nigerian mobile subscribers were expected to link their NIN to their SIM to allow the FG to carry out comprehensive auditing of the mobile subscriber’s database.

After series of extension of the NIN registration deadline, some Nigerians seem to have not still been able to link their SIM.

However, the government has lifted the ban on SIM registration with the hope that the new SIM subscribers have already obtained their NIN.

Also, the government might have set a system to ensure only those who have obtained their NIN can apply for a new SIM.

Although, no remarks have been made in that regard.

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