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FiberOne Affirms Internet Is Cause of Shift in Digital Lifestyle

FiberOne Broadband
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Digital and technology adoption is growing in Nigeria in leaps.

A Data Reportal report shows that as of January 2022, there were 109.2 million internet users in Nigeria and the

digital life currently transcends work, play and home.

Statistics from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) in 2020 also revealed that residential and

individual users topped the list of internet users – 91.6%.

FiberOne Broadband, Nigeria’s largest Fiber broadband provider recorded an increase in residential customers.

The company has been connecting people in their homes and businesses to the world since 2017 but has consistently

seen an increase in residential patronage more recently.

The Covid-19 lockdown era launched this phase for the company.

The pandemic ushered in new realities for customers and the work from home culture was a trend that was

pronounced during this period as most people moved their activities online.

FiberOne stepped in, in the face of changing customer needs to upgrade their SmartHome Plan at no extra charge

and to its customers’ delight.

One would have expected a decline in the residential use of the Fiber broadband, but the reverse has been the case with FiberOne.

Since the gradual easing of the lockdown in May 2020 till now, “FiberOne maintains a 77%  residential and 23%

SME ratio’’, says Kenny Joda, Head of Corporate Services at FiberOne.

“Technology is invading every space and undoubtedly affecting our daily lives. More people are opting for devices at home to work efficiently and ease the stress of chores. Our customer base keeps growing and we have a higher percentage of residential subscribers. Our service delivery at FiberOne is customer-centric and from our end, we will keep introducing solutions that keep our customers productive either at home or the office’’, he added.

FiberOne is Nigeria’s largest fiber broadband provider. The company has been connecting individuals and businesses across 4 states in Nigeria to the world and empowering them to excel in their work and daily lives.

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