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Day 2: Competition, Interactive Session, And Others

Day 1 iCreate

Day 2 of the iCreate event was packed with many activities, including the competition, keynote presentations, guest speeches and three interactive panel sessions.

The event started with a podcast by Tony and Derek, after which other activities of the day were introduced.

Besides the competition among the contestant, three interactive panel sessions took place.

It was one of the most significant moments of the day 2 iCreate event.

The first-panel session consisted of Arch Nina Briggs – anchor, Arch Umaru Kareya (ARCON), Mrs Josephine Nwaeze and others.

They spoke about the challenges facing vocational training in Nigeria.

And they focus on the steps the organization is taking to curb the situation and introduce it in all sectors of the economy.

Also, a representative of News Engineering, Mrs Josephine Nwaeze, spoke on how poorly the system is organized and gave solutions to some of the problems.

The News Nigeria representative spoke about their role as an organization.

Also, she spoke about how they were founded and the challenges they face with building skills as service providers.

The panel discussions yielded many ideas and suggestions for future vocational training activities.

But that is not all.

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The third set of discussions focused on how technology is being used to create awareness of some problems.

Also, the discussion focused on solutions that skilled individuals could give.

Here are some keynotes highlighted by some of the speakers.

  • The managing director of Cafe One spoke about how her company activities are geared toward creating an enabling environment – where people from all works of life come to share their ideas.
  • Bight Jaja, the iCreate CEO, expresses how fulfilled he feels attaining this level of achievement. And the pleasure he gets seeing his ideas now being beneficial to all skilled individuals nationwide.

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