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You Can Now Give Access To Files In Google Drive Through Gmail

You can now give access to files in Google Drive by way of Gmail
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Google’s mail service, Gmail, will allow users to handle access requests to their drive files via their mail.

Before now, users needed to open the file in another app or a separate tab. However, Google’s latest change will make it convenient to handle file requests and gain access to files.

In addition, Google added that the “from” email address would come with a new name.

The Dynamic Mail will come under a name like; drive-shares-dm-noreply@google.com.

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Google initiated Dynamic Mail in March 2019 and included back-up for it on G Suit and Gmail users in July 2019.

The idea behind dynamic emails is that people can embed engaging content in them.

Recipients of the mail can then complete actions on them. This applies to mails like forms, RSVPs and so forth.

Dynamic Emails will be accessible to people who own accounts on Google.

It’ll also be accessible to customers who own Business Starter, Essential, Business Plus and Business Standard.

Also Enterprise Plus, Enterprise Education, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Essentials and Education.

People with Nonprofit plans are also not left out.

All users of iOS, the web and Android will be able to give access to file on Google Drive through their mail.

Google has started releasing the feature, and it should have gone round by the 7th of November.

The design is impressive compared to Google Docs sharing menu, some reports have said.

Users will pretty much have to decide that themselves.

What is glaring is that the update takes away a lot of unnecessary stress.

It’s also smart and instinctive and will draw a big sigh from frequent users.

Other recent updates by Google

  • Its new hum to search that helps with identifying music when you’re unsure about the lyrics.
  • Google’s AI will now be proactive when it comes to spelling errors.
  • Its new augmented reality that assists with directions on the map and so on.

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