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Google Duo Will No Longer Exist

Google Duo

Google Duo will seize to exist very soon. This is coming after Google announced that it would combine its two meeting platforms, Google Duo and Meet.

The video calling apps will be combined to become one platform, Google Meet.

Google plans that the voice calling app will provide everything users need. Also, it intends to solve the problems faced using video calling platforms by considering why they prefer to use a platform, for what purpose and in which context.

According to a report,  Javier Soltero, the head of Google Workspace, the idea of “breathability” has been the company’s watchword since his tenure at Google. He plans that the platform can be reachable by providing the essential and powerful tools needed by users. And this has led to the integration of unique features that would better users’ experience.

Recently, Google introduced some games into its Meet platform to help users keep busy while waiting for a meeting to start. Another integration is a shortcut on Google Docs to allow users easily join meetings and present their work. And there have been other amazing features released by Google on its call platform.

Over the years, there have been several modern communication tools, and they come with their specific feature and norms. The Covid-19 period has helped people explore most of these platforms and see which one is preferred.

During the Covid-19 period, users couldn’t hold physical meetings, and most companies resulted in remote working. However, to ensure that things went smoothly, they used meeting apps.

Google Meet remained one of the most used meeting apps of Google after the period, while Duo became more of a messaging app.

So combing them together feels right by Google.

Now that Google will be combining them, what does it mean?

It means that the features of the platforms will be combined to become one.

Duo offers impressive features that Google Meet doesn’t offer. Like calling a person one on one, which includes their phone number. Although you can communicate one-on-one on Meet, it is a long process, and it isn’t as direct as Duo.

You will need to create and send links to a person you want to talk with. Also, the person will need to wait before they can be allowed into a meeting call. However, with Duo, that process is more straightforward. Duo was created to be more of a facetime than Meet, allowing you to video call a person directly through their phone number. You only need a good internet connection, and your partner has the Duo app.

Although the name will be Google Meet, it wouldn’t be Meet that will host the combination. Google has said that  Meet will come to Duo as a host and be renamed Google Meet. However, the original Meet will be renamed “Meet Original” and may later be disregarded.

Although these changes might become confusing for users, Google says that this is the best that can happen for now.

Implication for users

Google is committed to serving users and giving them the best functionality on its platform. It has put into consideration variables that can stand as a gap. One of such is internet penetration and lousy connectivity. So it has built its products to function under any circumstances.

And it is now looking forward to the moment where it becomes more than a meeting platform for people. Instead, it becomes a more meaningful platform that would be able to stand as a competitor over the like of everyday voice call platforms like WhatsApp and Facetime.

Kindly share with us below in the comment section what you think about the announcement by Google and how it would benefit users.

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