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Klasha Inc Introduces Klasha 2.0


Francisco-based African cross-border commerce startup, Klasha Inc has announced Klasha 2.0, just days after celebrating its first anniversary.

It also announced that it has re-launched KlashaCart which it formerly called Klasha app.

The KlashaCart is the company’s application which facilitates frictionless online cross-border transactions.

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It also aids in performing high limit virtual dollar cards and seamless shopping from international stores online using African currencies.

What you should know about Klasha 2.0:

According to the company, Klasha 2.0 is the latest version of Klasha.

It includes new and updated features of the website’s interface and business products and comes both in Android or iOS versions.

Also, the new Klasha 2.0 has further updates which includes KlashaWire and Payment Links.

According to the company, the new updates come under “a new brand colour which is warm, bright, and hardly seen in the ecosystem: PINK.”

Jessica Anuna, Klasha’s CEO, had said of the payment app, during a brainstorming session at Klasha, that the engineering team birthed PINK Money, the instant P2P money feature on the KlashaCart application.

She said the app helps users send and receive money.

Such exchange, she said, is swift between and among users on the app.

She also noted that sending and receiving money on the app is without hidden fees or extra charges.

The KlashaCart:

According to the company, it framed the app for “low transaction fees, lower exchange rates, virtual dollars cards, and the PINK Money feature.

“KlashaCart is a premium B2C solution that users have maximised and explored thoroughly.

Giving reasons for the emergence of the Klasha 2.0, the company said “Africa’s e-commerce market expands significantly year after year.”

“Yet, consumers in Africa do not have frictionless access to the e-commerce world.

“With KlashaCart, users will have all their favourite international stores at their fingertips.”

It also added saying users will have “seamless cross-border shopping experience with delivery to Africa in 7-14 days.”

Updated Features On Klasha 2.0:

According to the company, Klasha 2.0 comes with new updates such as the following:

KlashaCart new Interface Design:

It said KlashaCart comes with new interface design to allow users have improved experience with the app.

Users can have seamless experience following the re-designed view and easy-on-the-eye fonts and colours.

Another update is the KlashaCart:

This update, according to the company, is an in-app shopping cart which allows users to shop from various online stores simultaneously.

Users can transact online after funding their Klasha wallet or Klasha Virtual dollar card.

Also, the company explained that users of the app can perform their online purchases from international brands like Zara and Amazon with just one click.

By just a click, users can “shop and pay with this one-cart-fits-all.”

Status page:

Klasha 2.0 also comes with a new feature, the Status Page:

According to the company, the Status Page “helps users track the uptime and downtime status of Klasha services and channels.”

It said users can check the status of a Klasha service before use to know if it is available or under maintenance.

They can do this via the status page.

Another update on Klasha 2.0 is the Transaction status:

This is a DIY feature that allows users “monitor the status of all transactions without reaching out to Klasha Support.”

“This self-service feature informs a user if a transaction is successful, pending, or failed in-app.”

More about Klasha:

Klasha is a technology company that builds cross-border commerce solutions for African consumers who want to make international payments from the continent.

It also helps international businesses to sell into Africa.

With a toolkit of software products like KlashaWire, KlashaCargo, Payment Links and KlashaCart, Klasha 2.0 tries to make consumer goods and services online more accessible to customers across Africa.

Meanwhile, the company has about 1700 merchants which it said have signed up for its products and services.

Also, it has an average growth of 20% MoM and over 150,000 transactions it has processed.


This payment app’s new features make users have better experience in cross-boarder payments.

It also, according to its claims, means that more Africans can now buy goods directly from international stores using local currencies via the app.

With its claim of no extra charges, this app seems to consider the economic characteristics of the continent.

It equally entails a better adoption of payment technology in a continent that is not as developed technology-wise as most countries outside the African continent.



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