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HELP, Nigerian Logistic Company Launches Ambulance Services

Nigerian logistic company, HELP for Health Emergency Linkage Portal launched its app to provide ambulance services in the country.

It launched the GPS based mobile application and emergency healthcare hotline on the 5th of October.

The company has said it is on a mission to provide quality healthcare services through mobile applications.

It would allow you to schedule appointments ahead and make orders for ambulance services.

Deji Faborode, Co-founder and CEO of HELP, explained the gap the company is trying to bridge.

“A lot can be done, and we’re still scratching the surface of healthcare solutions in Nigeria.

Things are not working as they should as a result of misaligned objectives.

Our people are scared for their lives because what happens in the case of a health emergency? Existing emergency structures don’t meet the demand.

This is what brought the vision for HELP. One of the gaps we’re hoping to bridge is the hopelessness in emergency situations.”

He also explained that the company has a bigger picture to create an interconnected system for the existing ambulance service providers.

The owners Deji Faborode (CEO), Yewande Alebiosu (COO), Victor Iwenya (CTO) and Tomiwa Ogunbona (CPO) birthed the idea to leverage technology to promote interconnectedness.

However, this is coming after 23 months when it started its journey to improving access for emergencies.

The company says that the app is already available on Android and will be available on iOS soon.

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To use the platform, they would need to signup by creating an account and confirming with an OTP.

Users can be able to search for the nearest ambulance in urgent situations.

The company has already made ready invigilators that serves as a directory of hospitals and pharmacies close to the users’ location.

Asides HELP has two levels for its users; the service partner and the client partner.

The service partner includes the hospitals, health facilities, and private ambulance owners.

While for the Client partner, they include Health Maintenance Organisations (HMOs) and Corporate organisations.

The Client partners enrol people on the platform.

Also, the client partnership comes in three tiers; Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Each type of partnership varies according to the size of the ambulance and the equipment available for the service needed.

Also, the prices of the ambulance vary.

With the app, you can also state the details of the predicaments to help the paramedics present in the ambulance.

Asides from the app, you can also use the HELP hotline.

Implication for you

Having an affordable and proper healthcare system is essential in the progress of a nation.

However, in some countries accessing the healthcare system, especially in emergencies, could be really difficult.

Some of the problems associated with systems like this include sluggish response, poor health infrastructures and others.

But with new companies like HELP, they would be able to bridge these gaps in the system.

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