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Uber Sets To Expand Same Day Delivery To More Countries

Uber reduces service fees, Uber Same Day Delivery
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Uber has announced that it will be releasing its same-day courier service to more cities.

It is now available in 6,000 cities and towns in the US.

In major city markets like New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego.

This was after it launched in April 2020; this was done to grow the business, especially after the pandemic.

During the pandemic, the company had incurred some losses due to the lockdown.

The company pivoted to food delivery and then later delivery to survive.

Uber had diversified from its usual norm, and with this, it registered a 200 per cent increase in January 2021.

Also, it has been focusing on other aspects to grow its business.

Within the past months, it has acquired several smaller startups.

Some of which includes  PostmatesCornershop, and Drizly.

It would also be partnering with GoPuff, a delivery startup that delivers instant neds like food, drugs, snacks, etc.

Asides from Uber would be expanding its new delivery feature.

It would be releasing new features to make sending and receiving easier for both the drivers and the consumers.

The feature would allow senders to send delivery instructions alongside their delivery.

And this would enable the relationship between the driver and the receiver easier.

There could be notes like “handle carefully, meet at door, pickup delivery” or even details of what is delivered.

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Although this is not Uber’s first experience with the same day delivery.

From 2014 to 2018, the ride-hailing platform operated under Uber Rush.

The company had opened its service to a private organisation for delivery purposes.

However, it was just opened to a few major cities.

Implication for you

If you aren’t in the US, this might not mean anything to you for now.

However, Uber might decide to launch its connect service in more countries.

Although, it hasn’t said anything about that.


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