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Here’re Five Tech Skills To Grow Your Business

tech skills to grow your business
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Owning a business has gone beyond sitting in a physical location and waiting for customers to walk in to buy your products. With more people online, many businesses have moved online, meeting consumers at the point of their needs. However, with the high competition online, business owners need to strategically position their business for growth. They ensure to offer valuable services or products and manage the operations of the business. Although, this can turn out to be tiring and not effective if they don’t have the necessary tech skills. In this article, we would capture five tech skills that online business owners need to effectively grow their business.

Tech skills are skills and knowledge used to perform technical and practical tasks. They are usually used in the digital and science scene. However, in a world now being digitalized, it has extended its practicality to more spaces. Tech skills can now be used by businesses, to carry out tasks quickly and effectively grow them.

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Tech skills to grow your business

Below are five tech skills you do not want to miss out on; they are very important to the growth of your business.

Online skills

Online means anything on the internet; it could be websites, online market platforms or a social platform like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

They are often managed by an online manager, SEO or a social media manager.

Although, smaller businesses might not have the funds to hire a manager.

Hence, they can take up the role of online manager.

However, not everyone knows how to manage a social media platform or a website.

But a person can learn how to manage a platform; it would help them effectively sell, market, and grow their business.

They create content for their product, respond to enquiries and requests, engage with customers, analyse metrics and even collaborate.

Business owners will need to take courses in this skillset; social media, SEO, and Google analysts. And they have to master using certain platforms to help their business.

Email marketing

One way to nurture relationships with your consumers is through constant communication; sending them relevant content and information they need to know about your services or products. It could be about discount sales, giveaways, promos, etc.

Email marketing skill is one way you can get personalised with your customers. And you can grow your lead and conversion rate with this.

Email marketing would help you to be at the top of the mind of your audience with resources like newsletters, eBooks, coupons, and private sales promotions. You are also, developing a solid campaign to keep existing customers and reach more audiences.

You will need to get a mailing list, having a successful campaign will ensure this.

Also, there is mailing software you can use to ensure you deliver a successful campaign; giving an analysis of each campaign.

Business owners would need to master this tech skill to help them grow and know their audience.

Google Analytics skill

This is one of the best tech skills for small businesses.

For a person who is invested in the growth of their business online, Google analytics skill is very important.

This enables you to monitor the metrics of your online platform especially if you have invested in putting up quality content, running ads or even SEO.

You can analyse, monitor and decide on what works and what doesn’t work for your business.

Also, you can monitor the people who engage with your platform and draw out a strategy to keep them more engaged.

Other things like type of audience, who they are; sex and age, time spent, channels they use to come to the site, and linking platforms.

All this data would be properly analysed by having a Google analytic skill.

Also, this is an important skill a social media or SEO person should possess.

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Project management skill

This is another tech skill that is essential for business owners.

Project management skill involves when a person can oversee the development of a project from the concept stage to its refined stage. Although, it can continually be refined.

Business owners, especially small businesses, are used to multitasking.

They create content, make products, package, market, respond to requests, etc.

This makes them likely to fall out at some point or even forget to do something they were supposed to do.

However, having project management skills, they can utilise project management platforms that would help reduce and organise their task.

Project management platforms like Trello would keep all your to-do lists; tasks in order; collaborations; track deadlines; review tasks to ensure they have ended, and it would inform you on steps you need to carry out for your business.

Payment manager skills

Since your business is based online, then it means you take payment online.

Several payment apps are available for your customers to use to ensure their transactions are successful.

However, you need to strategically decide what platform is comfortable for your business and easy to manage for your customer.

They might be from diverse backgrounds or countries and might be using different currencies.

You need to be able to tell what platform is easy to use and can serve the majority of your audience.

Also, some of the platforms offer several values and benefits, consider which is suitable for your business.

Especially,  if you are looking for more funds to expand or purchase equipment, some platforms offer loan services.

Payment platform you can consider includes Paypal, Google wallet, etc.

Implication for reading

If you are reading this then you have learnt about five tech skills that can help you effectively grow your business.

With these tech skills, you are set to grow your business, taking it from one point to another.

However, if you are worried about learning and application of these skills, you shouldn’t.

Several platforms can guide you on the processes to achieving this.

All you need to have is a lifelong learning mindset and a commitment to growth.

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