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How To Block Inappropriate Contents On Instagram In Nigeria

How To Block Inappropriate Contents On Instagram In Nigeria, Instagram Users To Appear As 3D Avatars On Stories - Meta

If you are always seeing sensitive contents (photos and videos of naked girls or women or men) on your Instagram feeds, then this report is for you.

Yeah, it can be embarrassing when posts that dominate your Instagram feeds are only those showing sensitive contents.

Wondering why and how you keep seeing photos or videos of naked girls or men on your Instagram feeds? I mean, the sensitive contents you don’t want to see?

Yeah, you are correct if you said Instagram Algorithm.

The Instagram algorithm is the stubborn guy ensuring you keep seeing the nudes.

It is so smart that it knows if you like seeing such sensitive contents or not.

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In fact, it can ensure your Instagram feeds keeps getting flooded with such nude contents.

Want to know how it does that? Check out these pieces of experience.

The Experience:

Here is a little embarrassing experience that a guy, John, told me about sensitive contents on his Instagram feeds.

Here, i will tag it John and the sensitive contents on his Instagram feeds:

John is a high school student who is always on Instagram. He is also very religious.

In fact, John is the president of a religious group in his school.

Meanwhile, John loves tech, and so, his followers, as well as those he follows, are mostly techies and tech platforms.

However, he ran to me complaining that his Instagram feeds is now dominated by sensitive posts.

There are nudes everywhere.

According to him, each time he opens his Instagram app, all he sees are posts of naked girls or videos showing explicit contents.

John said he felt so embarrassed when mem8bers of his religious group kept seeing nudes in his IG feeds while he was trying to show them one of his creatives.

His desire? How to make his Instagram feeds stop showing sensitive contents.

Similarly, I remember another guy, Dele, who is a street guy in an area I lived before.

I remember him because, he would always assemble with his friends at a local restaurant close to my apartment and argue about which girl is the most beautiful on Instagram.

They are so garrulous that a particular neighbour always tries to chase them away for having nothing else to talk about except girls. Well, they would always refuse to leave on the guise that they are there to buy food.

So, the Dele that I knew then will hardly jump over a content that is sensitive on Instagram.

However, I was shocked when I saw Dele during a religious programme.

He had approached me, being very sober.

He told me that each time he makes efforts to drop the habit of checking out sensitive contents on Instagram, he keeps seeing such posts.

In fact, while he was still telling me that, he suddenly exclaimed saying, “Whatttts! Is Instagram now reading minds?”

When I asked him why he said so, he said he just thought about a particular sensitive content he saw on Instagram before only to see such on his Instagram feeds.

And I got amused.

So, like, do you want to believe that? That Instagram or other social media apps, now read minds?

Well, the emphatic answer is “No!” Instagram does not read your minds.

Rather, it reads your browsing habits and it does that through algorithms.

Instagram algorithm takes note of what type of posts you often search for or interact with.

If you are the kind that watches posts about sports, then you will keep seeing posts about sports.

If you watch nudes or followed an account that posts nudes, you are likely to see nudes.

And when you see a post that is explicit and continues to watch such video post or scroll down the account to see more photos showing nudes, then Instgram algorithm begins to show you similar contents.

It is as simple as that.

So, when John told me his embarrassing story, I calmly asked him these questions:

“Did you, per chance, watch an explicit picture or video from an account for more than a minute?”

“Did you scroll down to see more nudes or videos from such or similar accounts?”

He said “Yes.” So I told him, well, of course, you would keep seeing nudes.

Instagram will keep suggesting nudes from accounts that post such contents for you in your Instagram feeds.

How To Stop Seeing Nudes On Your Instagram Feeds:

All you need to do to stop seeing nudes on your IG feeds is to follow the steps below:

1. Reset your Instagram Explore section:

How To Block Inappropriate Contents On Instagram In Nigeria

How To Block Inappropriate Contents On Instagram In Nigeria

a. To do this, log onto your Instagram App on your smartphone.
b. Click on your profile in the bottom right corner of the app.
c. Tap on the three vertical lines on the top right corner of the app and tap on settings.
d. Tap on the Security option> Clear search history.
e. Tap on the Clear All option in the top right corner.

2. Change the Instagram explore section:

a. Click on the magnifying glass search icon in the bottom row to open the explore section.
b. Click on a post that you do not like.
c. Tap on the three horizontal dots on the top right of the post.
d. Tap on the Not interested option and you will not see the same post and similar posts on your Instagram Explore Feed in the feature.

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