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How AI For Poultry Farming By Two Nigeria Engineers Works

AI for poultry farming
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This report about AI for poultry farming will interest you.

So many technological advancements are taking place in different industries.

And it is beautiful to see as it makes everything easy and much more solves problems.

In the farming industry, there have been so many deficiencies and stagnation affecting the results of the produce.

Of 20 chickens being reared by a farmer, the farmer could have just ten or even less when they are mature.

Some of the problems identified with this are that the poultry animals aren’t monitored properly, underweight.

Also, the farmer can’t count and keep stock of the chicken.

And so, there is a need for AI.

The engineers saw how technology had affected the agricultural sector.

This propelled them to develop the idea, creating a more efficient way of farming.

Their startup, FarmEye, would be targeting farmers but would focus on poultry farms for now.

According to the company, the initiative aligns with the Nigerian government’s initiative to pursue food sufficiency programmes.

Hence, imploring Artificial Intelligence in contributing to the government’s initiative.

The technology would be one economic development in Nigeria.

“Technology is increasing in lots of ways, and we are having self-driving cars.  In the coming years, we will also have many self-driving cars in Nigeria.

“What we are trying to do is that we are also taking that technology to agriculture.

It is not just applicable in poultry farms; it is something that can be replicated in other facets of agriculture to bring efficiency in the sector,” Olanipekun.

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What would the AI do?

The AI would track the activities of the chicken in the poultry.

It would track their weights and track their numbers on the farm.

One of the farmers’ problems was that they could not keep stock of the chickens on the shelf.

But now, the farmers would be able to use the cameras on their farm to count the numbers of chickens.

Another problem with these farmers is that they might not weigh the chicken properly.

Most of them use about five chickens, the proportion of the rest of the chickens.

With the AI camera, the farmer would weigh the chicken accurately.

This would be done using the image of the chicken.

Also, the poultry farmers face the constant death of their poultry products.

And this is due to the congestion.

The AI camera would do that once it detects congestion on the farm; it would alert the farmer.

This would lead to less number of deaths of their chickens.

About FarmEye

The startup firm was established by two Nigerian engineers, Olanipekun Olanrewaju and Seun Dabiri, in 2021.

They have started testing their features in some Lagos farms and plan to spread to more states.

Also, the company is targeting $50,000 or N20.84m to drive its expansion.

The company plans on installing its AI cameras on more farms.

And for the ones that already have a camera, they would install their technology to it.

It plans to target both big and small farms, but funding is its only limitation.

So, the company is imploring seed funding from the government and private funding institutions.

They are also looking to partner with agencies that can help it expand.

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