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How To Conveniently Use SafeBoda; What To Know

It’s alarming how the motorcycle industry has been evolving recently. Beforetime, the sector was unconventional because it lacks regulations and professionalism. However, things have advanced. As startup’s like SafeBoda plans to bring expertise and a better structure to the industry.

They also plan on providing a safe, fair and convenient experience for the users. To know more about SafeBoda, follow us through the article.

About SafeBoda

SafeBoda is one of the most prominent ride-hailing startups in Africa. The company started in 2014 in Uganda.

Ugandan entrepreneur named Ricky Thomson owns SafeBoda. He was first working as a motorcycle driver.  Then he saw a demand in regards to motorcycles unsafeness and disorganisation.

He set up the startup to create a solution to the demands, which he has been doing for six years now.

Within the years, SafeBoda has spread its wing to several other African countries, like Kenya and Nigeria.

In addition to creating a solution, it brought a community of drivers to do the following.

  • To train them on road safety, bike maintenance, first aid and customer care.
  • Equip the drivers with safety measures like hairnets and helmets.
  • Lastly, to have a robust security system by creating a means of tracking and identification.

However, the following has enabled a remarkable increase in business for the drivers. And not only that it provides an impact to the society but also their families.

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How to join SafeBoda as a driver

If you have an interest in joining SafeBoda as a driver, follow the guide below.

  • Firstly, send an application to
  • After the mail is acknowledged
  • You might need to meet some necessary criteria’s like
  • Background check
  • Verification of vehicle
  • Interview
  • Selection process
  • After which chosen ones undergo a compulsory training

Once they approve you, SafeBoda will register you as a driver. Also, an account will be opened for you, where you provide definite and accurate info.

Also, the training the drivers go through focuses on four core aspects.

  • Commitment to safety: they train them to maintain the safety of users and follow the necessary rules created by the government like a traffic light.
  • Customers: that is, to provide customer care to their customers. And provide them with necessary items needed like hairnet and helmet. However, it intertwines with safety as safety wear. Also, trying to ensure they are comfortable like asking questions.
  • The society: the primary purpose of the company is to add value to the community. And solving a safety problem is a top-notch step considering how frequent accident occurs. So the drivers are trained to give value with their skill by providing a safe ride to users.
  • And lastly the motorcycle maintenance: without a sound and functioning bike, it won’t speak well of the company. So the drivers are trained in the care of the motorcycles to give the customers the best ride ever.

Well, you must be wondering, how does SafeBoda work? Chill, you are about to find out.

How it works

  • Go on any of your stores; Apple or Android and download the app
  • Launch the app on your phone
  • After launching, register
  • Enter your destination
  • See a price list, make your choice
  • Order for a ride by clicking “Order”. If a rider delays, there is a call feature to place a call to the driver.
  • The ride comes, enjoy your ride!

How to register/join SafeBoda

To register, follow the simple steps below.

  • Download the app and install on your phone
  • To register, click on “Continue with phone number.”
  • Dial your number, after, press continue.
  • A four-digit code will be sent to you, enter the code.
  • Fill in the detail, according to this format.
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Then click on “Done.”
  • For those that didn’t enable their locations, try to allow it.
  • Read all the terms and conditions, tick the small box, and click on “Accept.”

Further, 0n the SafeBoda app, many cool features have made it unique and simple to use.

SafeBoda credit

The world is evolving into a system of cashless policy. Increasingly, with technology, you can do almost anything online with any physical cash.

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SafeBoda credit is a cashless payment system that allows you to take trips without having to pay cash. You can put credit into your SafeBoda wallet where it deducts for the journey. That is, you can credit your account using any of the networks like Airtel or MTN money.

After your trip, you get a deduct from your wallet. Although, it debits you according to the fare of the journey.

SafeBoda credit came as a result of a complaint of change which was a way to be duped by riders.

To top the wallet using Airtel or MTN money, follow the steps below.

  • Open SafeBoda app
  • Click on “Payment “
  • Click “Add credit” to top.
  • Enter the amount of cashless you would like to top and the number to top
  • Also, confirm the number so you can be charged and make a purchase.

For security purpose, here is how to create a SafeBoda wallet pin.

  • Open your SafeBoda app
  • Click on the lock icon “Create SafeBoda wallet pin.”
  • Enter and renter your password
  • Click on “Create pin.”
  • Click on done to confirm pin is successfully created.

Send trip

Send is a feature on SafeBoda app that allows you to send parcels and packages safely. However, to use send, you can only pay through cashless transfer. That is topping your cashless account app before ordering for a send trip.

Besides, the maximum quantity of packages that can be delivered is 15kgs.

But then, to deliver packages safely and securely, the drivers undergo training. Asides from which you can track Send trip through the tracking feature on the app.

However, cases may occur when items sent get damaged or spoiled. SafeBoda has made it their priority to be responsible for any such happening.

However, the fantastic thing is the sole decision on what to do rests in the hand of the customer.

Concluding, SafeBroda is not relenting in advancement even with competitors like ORide, Opay. The ride-hailing company sets to give the best of services to its user, as this article has proved.

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