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How To Make Your Airpods A Speaker; Amazing, Yet Effective Tips

Airpods is in usage nowadays for its wireless sound experience. But then, we all know the sound experience is good, but it isn’t perfect. If your wireless Airpods already sounds distorting, learn what you can do to make it function again before you start racking your brain on how to improvise or consider throwing it away. Also, we would show you how to make your Airpod a speaker when it sounds distorting.

About Airpods

How to turn your Airpods into a speaker

Airpods is one of the many products of Apple. It gives a wireless sound experience to the users. You pull them out of its charging case and use it on any Apple product of your choice. Airpods is also compatible with Android phones.

With just a click, it setups and it is ready for use. Also, Airpods uses optical sensors to detect when a person is wearing it or not. If you remove it from your ears, it automatically pauses, but if it’s in your ear, it plays. 

Apple also has an inbuilt AI that can easily access many apps. All you need to do is say “Hey Siri” and make your request.

Charging time for Airpods with charging case is more than 24 hours listening time and 18 hours talking time. It takes up to 5 hours of listening time and 3 hours of talking time for a single charge. But for three hours of listening time and two hours of talk time, it takes 15 minutes of charge.

Also, Airpods comes with an H1 chip to filter external noise during phone calls in a noisy environment. The chip routes the audio and engages the microphone.

Why people use Airpods

Most people prefer using Airpods due to many reasons; here are some of them below.

  • They are a fashion statement 
  • Ultra-portable size and wireless ability
  • rich, high-quality video and voice
  • It fits with the Apple system 
  • You can pair easily with devices 
  • seamless switching with other Apple devices.
  • It can work with other devices like Android
  • iCloud your ear 
  • It provides a compromising sound quality.

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How to make your Airpods a speaker

Can you make your Airpods a speaker, if the sound is distorting? Well, let’s find out.

Apple Ios 12 was updated with a new feature that enables Airpods to turn into a speaker. The reason for this is for those who find themself in a loud environment and find it difficult to hear. Airpods can serve as a listening hack or hearing assistant without the need for a hearing aid.

The feature can also serve as a spying trick in a case where you want to listen to a conversation in the next room without being present.

With the use your iPhone with an Ios 12 and Airpods, you can use the “Live Listen” feature. The feature turns the iPhone to the listening device and the Airpods to the speaker.

Follow the steps below to make your Airpods a speaker.

  • On your iPhone, go to settings.
  • Click on “Control centre.”
  • Then click on “Customize Control.”
  •  Add “Hearing Control”
  • After, to access the Live Listen option, tap on the “Hearing”  button.
  • Finally, Connect your Airpods, tap on “Live Listen” to start hearing through your iPhone microphone.

How to turn off your Airpods from being a speaker

Now that you have learnt how to enable the “Live Listen”  on your device, here is how to disable the feature. 

  • Tap on the red banner of your iPhone screen
  • And then tap on the “Live Listen” toggle to off.


  • Go directly to the control panel, by tapping on the right-upper corner of your iPhone x. But for other iPhones swipe from the bottom screen.
  • Click on the ear symbol, which is the “Live Listen” toggle.
  • Tap on it, to turn off.

At times even after spying on a conversation or turning on your Airpod speaker, it gets hard to hear. Below is an Airpod speaker trick that controls the volume

Airpod volume control

Now we are sure you know how to make your Airpods a speaker when its sound is distorting. 

When using your Airpods, you might notice that they aren’t loud enough. Although there are no buttons on your Airpod, there are ways you can control the volume.

Below are three ways to control the volume of your Airpods.

  • If your iPhone is beside you, then you can control the volume of the Airpod directly from the volume button. Click on the increase button by the side of your phone to increase or decrease.
  • Another way to control the volume of your Airpods is through the AI “Siri” in Apple phones. Instead of integrating the volume inside the Airpod, Siri was delegated with the duty. Below are what to know to use Siri for volume control.
  1. Firstly, for the early generation of Airpods, you double-tap the earbuds to wake Siri. Then you ask it to increase the volume which it automatically does it from the phone.
  2. For the next generation, you set up”Hey Siri” on your phone. When you make the phrase “Hey Siri” it wakes up and follows your request to increase the volume. You should know this later generation includes Airpod Pro.

When asking Siri to increase your volume, you should this stating the percentage you want unless it might use an increment not palatable to your earbuds.

Another Airpod hack that enables listening is cleaning your earbuds. Every human ear creates wax, and sometimes the wax tends to enter into the earbuds. This eventually leads to a decrease in volume of the Airpod.

Below are some of the things to know to clean your earbuds.

  • Use a clean damp linen cloth to clean the speaker mesh.
  • Try to avoid water from entering into the mesh.
  • Also, do not poke the mesh with sharp objects.
  • You can also make of a cotton bud or a soft whistled brush to clean the edges.

In conclusion

We have shown you how to make your Airpods a speaker, what other Airpods trick will you like to know? You can share with us through the comment section.


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