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How To Use The Most Comfortable Payment Platform, Paystack

Do you have a business, or you plan on starting one? If yes, have you been wondering about what payment platform to use to make things easy? Well, do not fret, as Paystack got you covered. It doesn’t just offer a good payment platform but a platform where people can pay you globally. Sit back and learn how to use the most comfortable payment platform.  

The Nigeria-based technology company helps African merchants to get paid by anyone, anywhere in the world.

Over 60,000 businesses use Paystack to accept offline and online payment from anywhere in the world. Its purpose is to make African businesses more profitable and loved.

Shola Akinlade and Ezra Olubi were the two who brought about Paystack. They founded it in 2015.

The company provides various tools and features to enable the growth of many businesses.

Recently, the payment platform introduced a new payment feature to its Nigeria based users.

This feature allows you to make payment through transfer.

The new payment feature has surmounted the payment option to 6 methods. They include; transfer, card, bank, mobile money, USSD, and Visa QR.

To use Paystack in Nigeria, you can use all the 6 methods as they are all enabled in Nigeria.

Why Paystack?

If you are wondering why so many businesses use Paystack, here is the reason.

  • Paystack is the easiest and fastest way of receiving payment. It takes just 15 minutes from the signup to the final destination of receiving payment.
  • It requires no maintenance fee. Paystac will only charge you a little commission after every successful transaction.
  • Customers are eligible for a seamless payment method. That is, series oof choices are given to them to make payment. Options like; card, bank account, USSD, etc.
  • Paystack routes payment through the best way to ensure a successful transaction.
  • Also, it provides a protection system, PCI-DSS against the fraudulent transaction.
  • You can customise your payment system through documented API.
  • Your customers anywhere around the world can pay you. Tools like USSD and mobile money has made this easier.
  • You can receive money payment within 24 hours after the transfer.

Who can use Paystack

You should know that both registered businesses and the ones that are not can use Paystack.

For registered business, they require the following.

  • Corporate bank account
  • Companies registered document.

Paystack Starter business is for the companies/ businesses that are not registered. It allows you to use Paystack without a website.

It allows customers to use the payment platform without submitting a corporate bank account or a certificate for your business.

To use Starter business, here are some Paystack requirements below;

  • Bank verification number
  • Your bank account or if you have a business account, you can provide it.
  • Evidence of identity (driver’s licence, voters card, national ID, international passport)

You should know that both Paystack starter company and unregistered company are accessible to the same tools.

However, there is a slight difference between them. The difference is a 2 million naira limit after which you will require to register.

How to use Paystack

You should know that there are several ways to use Paystack. Below we are going to identify the ways we can use the payment platform.

Using Paystack is very easy and convenient. You can integrate it on your website.

But before we dive in, we should know that to use Paystack you need an account.

How to open an account

To register with Paystack, Go to the Website or download it on any app store.

Fill in the necessary details required to open the account.

  • Your business name
  • Fill in the mail used for your business
  • Insert a password of your choice
  • Select your country
  • And finally, click the “Create account option.”

Now, we can focus on how to use the Paystack on your website. Below are two simple steps to integrate Paystack payment on your website.

inline method

With this, your customers will see a pop-up window that would allow them to make a transaction with it. And then after payment, they get redirected to your page.

Standard method

With this method, your customers will be redirected to their website to make payment. And then after payment, Paystackk redirects you back to your website.

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How to use Paystack on WordPress

As one of the most popular Content management sites globally, you can use Paystack on WordPress. Paystack worked hard to provide extensive support for the different plugins and frameworks mostly used on WordPress.

Below are the steps to follow to use it on your website. There are three ways to find the right plugin for your website.

  • Check in the WordPress section of your plugin page.
  • Search on Google
  • Use the payment form Worpress plug.

To set up your plugin on your website, do the following.

  •  Install and configure the plugin
  • Enter your API keys
  • From this point, follow the plugins will lead you on your next step.

Two of  the most used plugin includes;

  • Paystack WooCommerce system
  • Paystack payment system

How to use Paystack with WooCommerce

  • To set up, you need to install the wooCommerce plugin.
  • Click on your WordPress dashboard, go to plugins.
  • Then click on “New”, to install and activate the wooCommerce plugin.
  • Go to “Add plugin” page to search for wooCommerce
  • Click the first option “Paystack WooCommerce Payment Gateway”, to install
  • Then activate after which it redirects you to the plugin’s page.
  • Go to the settings page to configure the plugin to accept payment.

Requirements for plugin:

  1. Test secret Keys and Test public Key allows you to test your payment, allows you to make the payment without real money.
  2. Live Secret Key and Live Public Key, will enable you to have everything figured out for your customers to make payment.
  • Go to your dashboard.
  • Click on API keys and webhooks, copy your Test Secret Key and Test public Key and paste in the fills
  • follow the guide below to continue how to use the plugin WooCommerce.

How to use Paystack for payment form

This plugin is the most versatile of all. Other plugins were for specific WordPress theme, but all WordPress can use payment form. You can embed it to a page to receive onetime or recurring payments.

Also, you can use it to sell a product, event tickets and collect donations. How to use it

  • Download and install, click on the link.
  • After that, you will find on your dashboard “Paystack form.”
  • Enter your API keys
  • To do this, go to API settings, there is a link there, follow the link to copy your keys.
  • Fill in the necessary keys, and you are ready to receive money through the payment form.

How to use Paystack API

Paystack API is a set of procedures that provide the applications that can access the service Paystack offers. It allows you to customise your website and make it unique beyond what they offer. Also, it provides to its user what Paystack dashboard doesn’t readily give you.

Since it dashboard works using API, it means Paystack API can function the same way the dashboard functions. You should know that there are several ways to use API to integrate Paystack to your website.

Paystack inline: it integrates with several codes that make it easy for you to accept payment. Also, you can start and end payment flow on the same page.

Paystack inline embed: it is integrated into your website to load the credit card form in a set container.

You can try out the demo it provides to use Paystac API.

In conclusion

We are sure you can now use the most comfortable payment platform, Paystack.

What do you think about Paystack? Do you agree with us that it is the most comfortable payment platform? Drop your answer in the comment section below.

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