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Land Your Dream Tech Job With These Tips

Are you planning on applying for a tech job? Or do you want to start in the tech space, and this job is an enhancement to begin growing in the space? Whatever your reasons, it is possible to land your dream job. But the problem here is how? Don’t worry too much about that; we have some tips that would help you land your dream tech job.

  • Establish an online awareness

What do people know you for when they visit your social pages or networking platform? Create a professional portfolio of yourself online using a website or constantly pushing your work and skills out there. This will grant you better opportunities than others with nothing to show for their skill. Creating an online presence also brings opportunities for you as employers can easily recognize what you can do ad how you can help them. So instead of you reaching out, they can decide to reach out to you through the help of a human resource person.

Some things that should be included while building an online presence are a professional photo of yourself, a contact page and a biography page.

  • Research, the tech company you are applying to

You do not want to work for a company that doesn’t fit into your value system. Also, a company would not be looking for someone not aligned with its objective. Find out about the company’s culture, value system, product and services. Learn about their competitors, news about them and leadership in the company.

Also, doing this would enable your application to the company. You will be able to convene your value to the company properly.

  • Check and acquire the required skills.

It is one thing to have a formal education; it is another to have a certification in a skill. One is a broader spectrum; the other is a more close, practical and specific. Many companies are more interested in the skills you can offer than your education.

Although some of these skills and certifications differ from one another, some take a more extended period, and there are online courses that are short and relevant.

Acquiring a skill aside from your educational background will give you a much more level of confidence.

From your research on the company and the role you plan to apply for, you will see some expected skills from the candidate. Measure up your present skill with that and try to acquire the ones you do not have.

  •  Build, update and Optimize your job-specific resume

Your resume is a document you submit to the company you are applying to. The document allows them to get a view of who you are, what you have done and how you may be of help to them. And that is why building and updating your resume to land your dream tech job is significant.

You have to be able to make it specific to the job you are applying for. Make sure some of their requirement and skills are featured in your resume.

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  • Create a cover letter based on the company you are applying to.

This is much deeper than the resume. It gives a more profound overview of your resume, which goes alongside it. It helps you to explain to your employer without being present why you are best for the job and why you should be selected.

Making thorough research of the company would help you answer this in a jiffy as you are offering value to them.

  • Networking

This is much more important than many people think. Although many people feel strange doing this for fear of rejection or having to familiarise themselves with a stranger. However, Networking is not all about that.

It is also about keeping relationships with long-time friends, former colleagues, and online friends.

This would enable you to get opportunities faster and quicker. Check out some ways you can network here.

  • Plan and prepare for the interview

Some might contact you for an interview, and some might not. However, once you apply, keep hope alive.

Always period for the types of interviews that may come your way. It can come in the form of a phone interview, technical interview and others.

Depending on the interview’s form, make sure you are always prepared. Here are some ways you can prepare before an interview.

  1. If the interview is online, ensure that your devices are readily charged and have a stable connection.
  2. Make sure you have rehearsed the essential questions that come with the interview. Questions such as “tell me about Yourself”.
  3. Make sure you have prepared and practised for the practical interviews that require you to show your skill.
  • Follow up

Send a follow-up mail to ensure that you stay relevant to the employers and they see your level of seriousness.

Implication for you reading

Are you about to apply for your dream tech job? We are sure these tips above will help you land that job.

Don’t forget to share your win with us in the comment section; we look forward to celebrating with you.

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