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Laying The Infrastructure For Smartphone Surveillance At Work

Laying the infrastructure for smartphone surveillance at work

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Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, work has found its way into our homes.

To stay safe this is a necessary step: Closing down the offices and working from the safety of one’s home.

However, these remote working conditions lead business owners into a new set of problems.

They had no control whatsoever over what their employees were doing at home.

Many companies were already using PC monitoring software like Time Doctor.

However, they didn’t even consider tracking their employees’ cellphones.

Which can be the source of hours upon hours of unproductiveness on the job.

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So, today, we are going to discuss how companies can lay down the infrastructure for smartphone surveillance at work.

Because it doesn’t matter if the work’s being done remotely or within an actual office.

Every company needs to have a phone monitoring policy in the current times.

But first, let’s delve briefly into:

What is Smartphone Surveillance?

Smartphone surveillance is the practice of keeping track of your staff using their phones.

Also, It can be referred to as part of employee monitoring or cellphone tracking,

After going through the process of setting up a smartphone surveillance system, which we will talk about later in the article, you can use phone monitoring apps to monitor your employees.

Resulting in figuring out exactly how much time they spend doing productive work and otherwise.

Making the HR department’s work of assessing their performances a piece of cake.

While you, as a business owner, have a way to keep an eye on your staff. No matter where you or they are working from in the world.

Implementing Cell Phone Surveillance at Work

To achieve your goal of implementing a smartphone monitoring system, you (or your company) need to go through some steps which many organizations already follow, and they are:

Figuring out the Right Policy for your Workplace Your company needs to have the right monitoring policy in place first.

So, you must figure out what are your monitoring needs and why.

Do detailed research and study and then move on to deciding what type of devices your organization will be working with.

Because either you’d be buying corporate phones for your employees or they will be bringing in their own devices.

When a staff member brings their personal phones, things can get difficult to monitor and manage.

So, for that, you will have to include the BYOD (or Bring Your Own Device) policy in your workplace monitoring policies as well.

You will need to get all this done before moving to the next step!

Use a Reliable Phone Monitoring App Once you have established a phone surveillance policy, you need to find a trusted phone tracking app for your employees.

As most reliable smartphone monitoring apps, like XNSPY, are subscription-based, so you will have to buy their monthly, quarterly, or yearly packages as per your requirements.

For now, let’s move to the next part.

Let Your Staff Take Their Time Getting Used to Being Monitored Even though you might think it but not everyone is tech-savvy.

Even in this day and age, where PCs and smartphones are everywhere.

So, expect your employees to have a hard time just accepting to install an app that can monitor most of their phone activities.

Even after the cellphone tracking app is installed, they will definitely take their time getting used to the fact that their phones are being monitored.

So, let them off during the first month or a few more.

Because everybody has a habit of going through social media apps and communicating over IM apps on their phones without even realizing it.

Some disgruntled staff members might even oppose the app’s use for smartphone surveillance.

So, to curb their concerns move onto the next step in the process!

Openly Share the Monitored Data with Your Employees You need to trust your employees and treat them with respect if you want the same in return.

That’s why sharing the monitored data from their phones with them will clear any misunderstandings your staff had in the first place.

So, let them know what parameters or activities are being tracked on their cell phones and for what reasons.

Once you have explained that nothing more than the necessary monitoring functions are at work and how the tracking can help them improve, they will understand your point of view.

Trusting your employees and promoting transparency is a sure way to implement a successful phone surveillance system at your workplace.

All are Equal When It Comes to Workplace Surveillance

This is a very crucial part of the said process.

The smartphone surveilling methods cannot be carried out without the permission of your employees.

So, if you want your staff to agree to them, you should be ready to be monitored in the same manner as well.

So, install the monitoring app on your phone and become a role model to all your employees and inspire confidence.

That way your staff will follow in your footsteps with less or no questioning at all!

How Can Smartphone Tracking Apps Help your Business?

Such cellphone apps are already helping various companies keep an eye on their staff, located not just at home but around the globe.

One example we have already discussed is the XNSPY monitoring app for business owners. Which many companies have included in their workplace surveillance.

Business owners use XNSPY’s services to monitor their employees’ phone activities such as calls and text messages along with their logs.

While most popular social media and instant messaging apps can be tracked as well.

Furthermore, remote screen and microphone recording are also available in the app’s monitoring features.

So, if your employee is just wasting their time on social media apps during work hours.

Or, planning something sinister like stealing your corporate data.

Then, you have nothing to worry about!

Because XNSPY smartphone monitoring app can track their phone activities at any time.

However, first, you should decide which app is the best for you!

So, make sure you surf the internet to look at all the available options when you get to the second step, following our advice, mentioned in this article.

In the end, we wish you the best with setting up your smartphone surveillance system at work!


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