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LG Launches 325-Inch Direct View LED TV For The Rich? Check It Out

LG Launches 325-Inch Direct View LED TV For The Rich? Check It Out
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LG has launched a 325-inch Direct View LED (DVLED) TV that gives you breathtaking realism like in cinema.

The company also launched other ranges of the TV series with Extreme Home Cinema models, ranging in size from 81 to 325 inches.

LG said the DVLED TV models are for the rich or “affluent consumers.”

The company launched “four unique 4K home cinema display configurations for those that simply want more of a good thing.”

Announcing the indoor fine-pitch direct view LED (DVLED) home cinema display TV models, the company said thus:

It “allows viewers to immerse themselves in the captivating brilliance, vibrant color, wide contrast ratio, and breathtaking screen sizes in your own home theater.”

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Dan Smith, LG Electronics USA’s vice president in charge of DVLED displays said about the TV models thus:

“This truly is the supercar of home display technologies, offering hand-constructed quality and performance that appeals to those with luxury lifestyles who want something that is not only immersive, but also highly exclusive.”


Meanwhile, LG said “The TV models run webOS and come in 16:9 models (up to 325 inches).

It said they also come in Ultra Stretch video wall-style 32:9 installations (up to 196 inches).

The TVs come in 2K to 8K configurations and with screen sizes from 108” to a show stopping 325.”

“With a total of four size configurations to choose… Rest assured that no matter which one you select, your audience will be captivated by the brilliance, high contrast ratio, and broad color spectrum of an LG LED display.”

The company said the TVs are perfect for viewing multiple video sources at once.

Other Features:

LG Launches 325-Inch Direct View LED TV For The Rich? Check It Out

The LG TVs give Dual2K Ultra Stretch formats that “provide double-wide viewing experience, taking your screen size up to 196”.

Other sizes include:

4K Ultra HD 163, Dual 4K Ultra stretch 294, 4K Ultra HD 217 and Dual4k Ultra Stretch 393.

Why You may want to buy LG TV models for the Rich:


According to the company, the TVs come with ATA Certified Flight Case to protect them when you are moving them around.

Also, LG’s DVLED Extreme Home Cinema Display TVs have a rating to last 100,000 hours before reaching half-life.

What is means is that they could deliver stunning visuals for over 10 years.

Also, it said each TV run an advanced controller – the webOS – that gives users more features and system controls.


The brightness of the TV models is around 1,200 nits.


Like the company said, the TV models are for the rich.

Consequently, the high-end 8K 325-inch TV, according to estimates, will cost a cool $1.7 million.


LG said the TV models are clearly for the affluent. So, if can comfortably buy any of the sets, then you are one.

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