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Samsung Launches First 24-Inch Monitor With Pop-up Webcam, Features For Video Conferencing

Meet Samsung’s First 24-Inch Monitor With Pop-up Webcam, Features For Video Conferencing
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Samsung has launched a 24-inch Monitor that has webcam, speakers, microphone and is Windows Hello certified.

Samsung Electronics America unveiled the 24-inch Webcam Monitor S4 (Model Number: S40VA).

Also, the company designed the monitor to have qualities that fit hybrid workers.

Announcing the new device, Mark Quiroz, Vice President of Marketing for the Display Division at Samsung, said thus:

“With many adjusting to long-term hybrid work and learning environments, Samsung introduces its first webcam monitor to make life easier for those often on video calls or multitasking.”

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He added saying, “Thanks to the webcam at the top of the screen, users can join a video conference, take an online class or attend a virtual event all from the same monitor, without needing to buy another device or manage more cables.”

Features of the Monitor:

The monitor comes with a built-in webcam, speakers and a microphone to help users connect with friends, colleagues on the internet.


Samsung designed the Webcam Monitor S4 with comfort in mind.

It has ergonomic stand to provide maximum productivity and comfort.

The monitor has design and Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) compatibility.

It also has Height Adjustable Stand (HAS), tilt, swivel and pivot functionality that allow users to customize the monitor position to suit them.

So you can pivot and swivel from portrait to landscape.


Also, the monitor comes with a 2.0-megapixel FHD camera and an infrared camera.

These features position the S4 as suitable for conferences or virtual meetings.

Likewise, it comes with a pop-up camera.

The camera pops up when a user presses the top of the camera that is resting inside the monitor.

Pressing it down makes it to come up and you can connect seamlessly for your video conferencing and virtual connection.

Windows Hallo Certification:

Additionally, the Samsung S4 Monitor is ‘Windows Hello’ certified, which means it has voice assistance.

Also, with the assistance, users can log into or unlock their computer without passwords in just seconds.

Face Capture:

It also has biometric sensors that scan a user’s face.

So, you have no need to provide a password to get access to Windows 10 devices, apps and websites.

Meet Samsung’s First 24-Inch Monitor With Pop-up Webcam, Features For Video Conferencing


The Monitor comes with a Full HD (1920×1080) resolution, and a 178-degree horizontal and vertical wide viewing angle.

You can have optimal viewing experience from any angle as the monitor gives brilliant color and clarity across every inch of the screen.

It comes with IPS panel that preserves color vividness and clarity across every inch of the screen.

So, regardless of wherever you sit, you will have a full technicolor experience.

Flicker-free and low blue light:

Samsung’s S4 monitor has flicker-free and low blue light features to help you protect your eyes.

Consequently, the monitor has flicker-free and low blue light certificate from TUV Rheinland, an independent company ensuring technology meets greater quality and safety for people and the environment.

Therefore, these features reduce harmful visual effects that can cause eyestrain after long-term use.

Webcam and Speakers:

Samsung’s S4 monitor has webcam and built-in microphone at the top of the screen.

The webcam and speakers help users “join a video conference, take an online class or attend a virtual event—all without the need to connect any external device.”

You simply push the webcam down into the monitor to hide it whenever you are not using it.

Samsung said this smart design offers enhanced security and maintains the sleek look of the monitor.

The built-in speakers let you free up desk space by minimizing the connections needed for a more efficient working environment.

Monitor as USB hub:

The monitor works as USB hub, with multiple connectivity options where you can connect your laptop and other devices simultaneously.

Specifically, the monitor has 1xD-sub, 1xDP, 1x HDMI, 2xUSB Hub to connect to any device.

So, with the monitor, you no longer have complaints like USB port shortages.

AMD FreeSync:

The monitor has AMD FreeSync to refresh monitor and graphics card.

The AMD FreeSync allows for superfluid entertainment experience with smooth refresh rate sync of your monitor and graphics card.

This reduces image tearing.

So, you can play games during downtime without any interruptions. Even fast scenes look seamless and smooth.


Well, Samsung has promised a lot with this product.

The ergonomic design makes the monitor suitable for work.

Also, the flicker-free and low blue light features also give the monitor a thumbs up for you.

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