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Most In-Demand Marketing Skills And Jobs In Europe, America, Asia, Africa



Most In-Demand Marketing Skills In Europe, America, Asia, Africa

LinkedIn report has revealed the most in-demand marketing skills in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and other regions of the world.

These marketing skills, according to the report, are what employers are currently looking for in 2022.

According to the report, digital marketing is the most in-demand skill right now.

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It said marketers are also developing soft skills such as time management and interpersonal communication.

So, if you have the skills, then you could be landing yourself into a lucrative employment that will fetch you huge salaries.

Meanwhile, note that the Corona Virus pandemic has caused a historic disruption in the workforce.

This disruption which has seen many people changing and shifting jobs has further created an explosion of interest in some skills by employers.

Particularly, the disruption redefined the workforce, even creating new demands for marketers.

Similarly, technologies such as the digital currencies, the Metaverse, space explorations, remote working have made marketing skills become even more sought-after.

However, since marketing is a vast field, employers in specific regions of the world tend to have higher demands for particular types of marketing skills.

Therefore, this report tries to reveal to you those in-demand marketing skills in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and more.

But before we dive into discussing the specific in-demand marketing skills in Europe, America and other regions, let us look at the workforce market.

Globally, millions of workers are changing jobs:

Worldwide, many workers left their jobs or are considering it.

Also, 62% of working Americans are considering a job change in 2022. Likewise, 24% are actively looking for jobs.

LinkedIn report also said that, for marketers, a significant number left their jobs to explore new career opportunities in 2021.

“31% Growth in LinkedIn Members in Marketing changing jobs year over year.”

It said there were 618, 000 Marketing Job departures in 2021.

The report said 46% of Marketers in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) changed jobs in 2021.

Equally, this is second to Asia-Pacific (APAC) which saw 59% of marketers leaving their jobs in 2021.

Similarly, 38% of marketers in North America (NAMER) left their jobs for other careers in 2021.

However, as many marketers leave their current jobs for another, specific jobs have become available in the various regions.

Among the in-demand marketing skills across the regions are social media and digital marketing.

Meanwhile, while merchandising is top on the list for NAMER and EMEA, Ad Serving and Affiliate Marketing are some of the most sought after skills in APAC.

Below is a comprehensive list.

Most In-Demand Marketing skills In Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA):

1. Digital Marketing
2. Merchandising
3. Ad Serving
4. Email Marketing
5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Also, check out the following.

Most In-Demand Marketing skills in Asia-Pacific (APAC):

1. Digital Marketing
2. Ad Serving
3. Affiliate Marketing
4. Facebook Marketing
5. Social Media Marketing


Most In-Demand Marketing skills In North America (NAMER):

1. Merchandising
2. Event Marketing
3. Digital Marketing
4. Social Media Marketing
5. Property Management

Also, for these skills, employers engage marketing experts to provide such skills under the following job roles.

According to region, these in-demand jobs include the following:

Most In-Demand Marketing jobs In Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA):

1. Marketing Manager
2. Marketing Specialist
3. Social Media Manager
4. Digital Marketing Specialist
5. Digital Marketing Manager

Most In-Demand Marketing jobs In North America (NAMER):

1. Social Media Marketing Specialist
2. Marketing Strategist
3. Marketing Manager
4. Online Specialist
5. Product Marketing Manager


Most In-Demand Marketing jobs in Asia-Pacific (APAC):

1. Content Writer
2. Digital Marketing Specialist
3. Marketing Manager
4. Digital Marketing Manager
5. Digital Marketing Executive

Meanwhile, marketing experts are moving to cities in these regions where salaries are higher.

According to the data, below are cities or areas with high marketing salaries.

Top 5 Regions With Top Marketing Salaries:

Top 5 Regions in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) with highest marketing salaries:

1. The Randstad, Netherlands
2. Greater Reading Area
3. Greater Munich Metropolitan Area
4. Greater Toulouse Metropolitan Area
5. Greater Nancy Area


Top 5 Regions in Asia-Pacific (APAC) with highest marketing salaries:

1. Greater Tokyo Area
2. Greater Sydney Area
3. Hsinchu Metropolitan Area
4. Greater Kuala Lumpur
5. Greater Melbourne Area

Top 5 Regions in North America (NAMER) with highest marketing salaries:

1. Greater Seattle Area
2. San Francisco Bay Area
3. Atlanta Metropolitan Area
4. Greater Fayetteville, AR Area
5. Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

Meanwhile, if you desire to learn any of the marketing skills to become or remain sought-after by employers, then consider the following courses:

Top 5 LinkedIn Learning Courses for those in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA):

1. The Six Morning Habits of High Performers
2. Speaking Confidently and Effectively
3. Unconscious Bias
4. Excel Essential Training (Office 365/Microsoft 365)
5. Digital Marketing Trends


Top 5 LinkedIn Learning Courses for those in Asia-Pacific (APAC):

1. The Six Morning Habits of High Performers
2. Digital Marketing Foundations
3. SEO Foundations
4. Excel Essential Training (Office 365/Microsoft 365)
5. Speaking Confidently and Effectively

Top 5 LinkedIn Learning Courses for those in North America (NAMER) :

1. The Six Morning Habits of High Performers
2. Unconscious Bias
3. Speaking Confidently and Effectively
4. Excel Essential Training (Office 365/Microsoft 365)
5. Digital Marketing Foundations


Note that as many workers are leaving their jobs for another, there is bound to be stiff competitions.

Those with better experience and expertise will get better jobs and higher pay.

Also, workers, including digital marketers, across the world are pondering career moves and are boosting their skills to make these transitions happen.

Many people are learning new marketing skills to add to theirs and better position themselves for better job offers.

As they move, they create lacuna or vacancies in their previous employment places or brands.

Therefore, employers must equally set some incentives to keep these skilled marketers.

In order to attract new talent, as well as keep your current employees happy, brands must be open to a more flexible work environment.

Meanwhile, brands must also promote a good work-life balance and support internal mobility.

Additionally, they must provide skills training and competitive pay to employees.

Anthony Chinonso Ogbonna is the editor of Techuncode media. He is a seasoned journalist whose stint cuts across broadcast, print and, especially, the online media. A graduate of Mass Communication from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), Anthony holds a Masters Degree in Multimedia Journalism. He aligns his belief with those of world tech communities, holding tenaciously that the world is solely driven and can only be best with tech. Furthermore, Anthony believes that technology is simple, fun and is not what one, especially Africans, should be scared of, hence, his passion for telling compelling stories about tech in ways relatable to the ordinary user. He has his hobbies in reading and designing (new hobby though.)