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SendOff, An App To Plan Your Funeral, Others: Would You Use It?

SendOff, An App To Plan Your Funeral, Others: Would You Use It?

SendOff is an app to plan your own funeral or those of loved ones or friends.

Surely, this type of app is not what you usually come across on app store or play store.

But it has become a subject of discuss and the reason is obvious, with many questions raised.

Like: Have you ever considered planning your own funeral? How cool is it to plan your funeral while you are still alive?

According to the app, it helps you schedule processes or things necessary and also answers the following questions:

If you cease to breathe, where would the money to buy a casket and other things for your burial come from? Which people would likely attend your burial? Where would you be buried? Who will do the running around? In what type of casket would you be buried? What type of flowers and where would it be bought? Who should buy it?

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Also, what would it look like if it becomes very common that friends and family members would consult a funeral planning app like SendOff to see how someone wanted and had planned his or her burial before they died?

Moreover, what is commonly obtainable is people planning the funerals of others and not theirs.

Also, in northern Nigeria for instance, Muslims don’t waste time in planning funerals.

In fact, not only in the north but most Muslims anywhere on the globe.

Almost all Muslims don’t waste time planning the funeral of a person.

So, how can such app be functional in the north or for Muslims?

In some parts of southern Nigeria, Christians of the Roman Catholic religion must not delay a funeral and burial of a person for more that two weeks.

So, SendOff, an app to plan your funeral or those of loved ones or friends suddenly became a subject of discuss for many. One of the arguments is; can you use a funeral planning app to plan your funeral while you are still alive?

Well, this funeral planning app tries to prove to you that you need to and should actually use it to start planning now.

What more you must know:

Keep in mind that Covid-19 has taught preparedness, even for funerals, as a lesson to the world.

Many people died of the pandemic and there were no prior preparations for a befitting funeral for many who died.

So, planning for one’s funeral or those of loved ones has never been more important with mortality rates increasing from an estimated 550 000 to 800 000 people per year since the beginning of the pandemic.

Note that funerals now cost a lot of money. And sometimes, those who are planning the funerals of a person who died may not be financially stable.

While crowdfunding or borrowing may seem an option, it is not ideal.

This is because, crowdfunding may come with its disadvantages.

Likewise, friends and family members may not also pull their weight as regards the financial pledges they make for a funeral.

Consequently, the Chief Executive Officer of SendOff, Zolani Matebese, said the idea behind the app is to help people plan funerals without hassle.

According to Matebese, the SendOff app helps you arrange for how you can finance a funeral for a loved one or even your own funeral.

Described as “Uber black for funerals,” Sendoff is a South African application that offers users the world’s first full-service funeral arrangement app.

In an interview, the CEO talked about how the app makes covering funeral expenses easier.

The App explained its uses as follows:

“Sendoff is a funeral app that you can use to plan, book & manage a funeral from your Phone:

“You can book pickups from hospitals/hospices, order a casket/urn, select a cemetery/grave, order flowers, book catering, arrange a reception, transport, Everything. Focus on family, not admin.”

Listen to the interview below:


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