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NCC: Nigeria’s Mobile Subscribers Surpass 200 Million

NCC: Nigeria's Mobile Subscribers Surpasses 200 Million

A new report from the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) indicates a massive boost in mobile subscribers.

According to the report, mobile subscribers increased to 203.16 million during August.

That’s about 4.2 million new subscribers added to the 198.9 million recorded in July.

Recall that we predicted this milestone in a previous article.

Thanks to the continuous upsurge in the number of new monthly mobile subscribers.

Similarly, broadband penetration now peaks at 43%.

As a result, internet subscribers have also neared the 150 million mark.

MTN maintains the leading position

Again, the South African telco managed to outrun other networks during the period under review.

MTN accounted for 2.73 million new subscribers.

Now, the network provider has accrued a cumulative 83.08 million subscriber.

Airtel also followed suit with fewer new subscribers than the previous month.

MTN maintains the leading position

Source: Techuncode

The network provider, although came second, only added 1.06 million new subscribers.

Overall, Airtel now accounts for a total of 54.76 million subscribers, displacing Globacom further.

Following a similar trend, Globacom also recorded a fewer number with 192,327 new subscribers.

This brings Globacom’s overall subscribers to a total of 52.93 million.

On the contrary, 9mobile maintains its upward trajectory as it added more subscribers.

Ahead of Globacom, 9mobile added 214,282 new subscribers, bringing the total to 12.37 million.

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The sudden upsurge in 9mobile’s new monthly subscriber is, however, not entirely strange.

The network provider, like never before, has been pushing out massive Ads.

Likewise, it is currently gifting its customers, cash prizes in an ongoing campaign.

Likewise, it is currently gifting its customers’ cash prizes in an ongoing campaign.

Broadband penetration continues to soar, hits 43%

Due to the increasing active mobile subscription, there has been an increasing broadband penetration.

Subsequently, 3G/4G subscription has seen a significant boost over the previous months.

Broadband penetration continues to soar, hits 43%

Source: Techuncode

In August alone, overall broadband subscription stood at 82.65 million.

That’s about 2.44 million additional new broadband subscribers during the period.

In that regard, broadband penetration now stands at 43.30%. That’s about 1.28% above the 42.02% recorded in the previous month.

Internet subscribers keep a constant pace

The internet subscribers have maintained a constant pace for months now.

Hinging close to 150 million marks, the total internet subscribers currently stand at 149.3 million.

While a cumulative 2.59 million new internet subscribers were added, MTN led the flock.

Internet subscribers keep a constant pace

Source: NCC

The telco added a whopping 1.59 million subscribers, bringing the total to 63.88 million.

Airtel and Globacom followed by adding 738,462 and 231,341 new subscribers, respectively.

This brings the total subscribers of both telcos to 39.79 million and 38.48 million, respectively.

Finally, 9mobile recorded the least, although a steady climb in internet subscription.

The network provider added 32,621 new internet subscribers, bringing the total to 7.17 million.

The dumped and the accommodators (porters)

Indeed, the statistic is never complete without addressing the porters.

NCC reported that more than 19,400 subscribers ported to a different network.

The dumped and the accommodators (porters)

Source: NCC

Again, Airtel is the most favourable, with 10,078 users coming on board.

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9mobile and MTN followed with a close gap. Both telcos added 5,593 and 5,188 incoming porters, respectively.

Globacom had the least incoming porters, with a total of 677.

On the outgoing end, Globacom lost a total of 6,818 subscribers. Airtel followed almost immediately, losing a total of 5,277 subscribers.

Down the list, MTN and 9mobile followed with a close gap. Both telcos lost 4,469 and 3,507 subscribers, respectively.

In conclusion

Sooner than expected, Nigeria has been able to cross the 200 million AMS mark.

MTN had the biggest and most significant contribution during the period.

Airtel also performed greatly, with 9mobile pacing up even faster.

Globacom performed well, but below previous success.

What do you think of the new milestone in Nigeria’s mobile subscription?

Kindly share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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