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Nigeria Company Deploys Tech To Fix Security Issues In Nigeria

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Nigeria based solution and innovation company, iStrategic Transparent Solutions Ltd, plans on providing tech solutions to solve security issues in Nigeria.

The company would be partnering with a Russian company, Russian Software Trade House (RSTH).

They would partner together to work on software that would ensure safety and security in Nigeria’s private and public institutions.

Also, they have signed a memorandum of understanding which went well with the owners, Habibu Adamu Aliyu and Pavel Maximenko.

Comments from the partnership

Containing the memorandum, the purpose of the innovation is to protect, prevent, and deter criminals, insurgents, and bandits.

Also, it would affect the delivery of the government in the country.

“The provision of a platform for ease of governance and delivery of government services to the people of Nigeria, the West Africa region and beyond.” 

Other things noted is that the technology would assist with detecting corruption, financial crime, money laundering, fraud, illicit financial flow and others.

And they would provide security equipment, provision of central database for policy, training and others.

The president of the digital company commented on their partnership as they at the signing ceremony.

“Russia considers it its duty to spread the achievements of the Soviet school of mathematics and by extension Russian IT solutions, to countries with which it has historically had and still has a friendly relationship.”

Also, Aliyu, the CEO of the solution company, comments on their signatory event.

He said that the company was founded by professionals with a strong background in law and law enforcement agencies.

And they have vast experience in complex Financial Crimes Investigations, Financial Intelligence Analysis and Forensic Accounting.

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Aliyu also noted other parties were contributing tremendously to the ongoing project.

The companies have cooperated to ensure the smooth going of the partnership.

They include the Nigerian Embassy in Russia under the leadership of Ambassador (Prof) Abdullahi Shehu and the staff of the Economic Affairs Department in his firm’s interaction.

Also, the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA)  contributed as well.

Other partnerships by the Russian company include Kaspersky Lab, MyOffice, eXpress, AstraLinux, ALTLinux, Infowatwatch and Security Code; they would be helpful to the project.

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