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Instagram Would Test Paid Subscriptions With Some Group Of Creators

Instagram says it would be testing a new feature that allows users to subscribe to a small number of creators on its platform.

However, it would start testing the feature, Instagram subscription, on its US users.

The users would have access to exclusive contents (lives, stories) and features of the selected creators.

In the blog post released by Instagram, creators would be able to earn monthly.

The fans would pay a monthly fee to gain access to the subscribers-only contact offered by the creators.

And after they become subscribers, they get a purple badge that shows their status to the creator.

The badge would be next to their comments or messages.

However, the price that the subscribers would offer would be determinant on the creator.

But Instagram says that the price range should be $0.99 to $99.99 per month.

So, this means irrespective of the choice by the creator; it shouldn’t go beyond the range set by Instagram.

An interesting thing about the feature on Instagram is that it would not take part of the revenue yet.

Instagram says until 2023 before it gets a cut of the subscription revenue from creators.

According to the Meta owned app, this is an encouragement for creators.

Over the years, they have been working hard to push out inspiring and valuable content for people.

Hence, the reason for the feature “enabling creators to make a living through our platforms”.

Instagram has selected 10 US creators to carry out the testing.

If you are looking to see the outcome, check them out here.

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Instagram Subscription

The subscription was first introduced in 2020 on Facebook.

It aimed to help creators build businesses through the support of their communities.

Seeing the effect of the feature of Facebook, Meta is planning to launch the feature on Instagram.

Instagram creators would develop a great sense of connection with their followers (community).

And they would be able to grow their income.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri says subscriptions is one way for creators to have a sure income.

Although this is new for creators but not entirely new.

Creators on Instagram have found ways to leverage the platform and monetise their content.

Infact, new jobs emerged from these as creators are now offering their content for money.

And some have even been able to partner with businesses and brands to influence for.

You should also know that Mata is not the first to introduce a tool to pay creators on its platform.

Some of its competing platforms have introduced tools such as Super follow for Twitter and TikTok pays creators.

Implication for you

Although only ten creators in the US will have access to the feature, not to worry.

Instagram, in its blog, says that more creators would get the feature as it is looking to expand.

Also, Instagram hasn’t mentioned the criteria for selecting the creators that would get its Instagram subscription.

You can check out the tool by following the pages listed here.


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