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PVC Registration: Steps To Transfer Your Polling Unit To Another

No PVC, No entry, PVC Registration: Steps To Transfer Your Polling Unit To Another
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PVC registration is currently ongoing in Nigeria, physically, although INEC has closed the portal for online PVC registering.

The online registration ended on May 30th 2022.

Nevertheless, physical registration for Permanent Voters Card (PVC) is still ongoing.

But the Independent National Electoral Commission (NIEC) has said that the physical registration too will end on the 30th of this month, June 30th, 2022.

So, if you haven’t registered by then, you won’t be able to vote during the February 23rd, 2023 General elections.

Meanwhile, there is large queues at every registration centers as people come out en mass to do their PVC registration.

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Many people have been in queues all day for many days yet, they have not been able to do their PVC registration.

INEC has said that it has rolled out more enrolment machines after seeing the large queues.

INEC Head of Information and Voter Education Committee, Festus Okoye revealed this to newsmen.

He said “In response, the Commission has immediately released additional 209 machines.”

INEC deployed the machines to the five South Eastern states, Lagos, Kano, including Lagos and Kano.

Meanwhile, although some already have their temporal PVCs, they still need to update their information with INEC.

Likewise, some people’s temporal PVCs have either damaged or defaced.

This requires the card holder to apply for a newer one.

Similarly, some voters who had registered may wish to transfer their polling units to a newer location.

This is because, they had registered in another state, maybe their states of origin or have relocated to another area.

Meanwhile, on election day, there won’t be movements and transportation.

So, imagine trying to walk many miles to locate your polling unit and cast your vote on election day.

Also, how would you cast your vote if you registered in your state of origin and now in another state?

Say for instance, you did your PVC registration in Abuja but now, you are in Lagos.

How would you vote for your preferred candidate on election day?

So, it would be wise that you transfer your polling unit to the one closest to where you now live.

But, since there are long queues at PVC registration points, how do you do this?

Well, the good news is that you don’t need to join the long queues if you already have your temporal voter’s card.

This report, therefore, will show you steps to transfer your polling units to the one closest to you.

Steps to transfer your polling units:

Follow the steps below to transfer your polling unit to the one closest to you.

You can do it yourself without going to any INEC PVC registration point.

All you need is your phone!

1. cvr.inecnigeria.org
2. Click on Services
3. Then Voter Transfer

Then, when you have done this, continue as follows:

4. Create account with your Gmail address
5. Login with your email.

Meanwhile, when you log in, INEC will send you an email to your email address.
6. Go to your email and open the link INEC sent to you.

When it opens:

7. Fill out the form that INEC provided and add your new address.
8. Then, go through your application to be sure you did not make any mistake.
9. After that, click “Save.”

Is that simple enough? Yeah, it is. But you aren’t done yet.

Continue with the process thus:

10. Use your phone to snap and upload 2 of your photos.

The first photo is where you have a serious face.

The second one is where you put up a smile.

Note, if you don’t smile, the system won’t capture you. So, smile.

You will also look more beautiful when you smile.

So, after that stage, you will need to submit your application. Therefore:
11. Click “Submit” to submit your application.


All you need do now is to wait and be patient.

12. Be patient with INEC. Wait for the Commission to clean up data, process all PVC registration.

INEC will send you a message to come collect your PVC around your new area that you transferred it to.

Note that you can check your status with INEC database if you registered before.

You can check your status through the following steps and link:

1.) Go to https://voters.inecnigeria.org/

2.) State
3.) Surname
4.) Date of Birth

If you discovered that your details are not in the database, then you need to go do fresh PVC registration.

Also, you need to be fast about it.

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