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Spotify To Share Its ‘Untold Stories’ In New Podcast Miniseries

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Spotify, the Swedish audio streaming app, announced through a blog post that it would start a new podcast miniseries called  ‘Spotify; A Product Story’, where it would reveal its history to its users.

Spotify plans on involving pioneers of the streaming app.

People who have been actively involved in making it become what it is now.

It plans on doing that by bringing its listeners stories on its product strategies and development told by the individuals.

Fun interviews featuring guests from the music, tech, and business industries would be included in the miniseries.

Some of the speakers are Lars Ulrich, Mary Meeker, Matthew Ball, and Sean Parker.

Also, Spotify added that it would interview some of its current users and previous users who have been actively involved in its journey.

Some of which include; Daniel Ek, Sten Garmark, Oskal Stal, and many others.

Spotify to share inside story to its growth

Spotify’s plan is to share details on how the company started building its business.

The episodes would flow from piracy to a streaming platform, detailing the technicality of doing so.

Also, it said it would share colourful stories, product challenges, successes, and lessons learnt on the journey.

Gustav Söderström, Spotify’s Chief R&D Officer, would be hosting the miniseries.

He would be the one bringing users inside the gist of the story behind the Spotify we all know today; by telling the users of stories and experiences, they have never heard about the company.

“In this podcast, for the first time, we’ll pull back the curtain on some never-before-heard stories of Spotify’s product journey.”

Also, the miniseries will entail how it went from an app built in a small apartment to a whole brand with several locations.

“The secrets and strategies behind our biggest product launches and pivots—from the very first desktop app, built in a small apartment in Stockholm, to the brand-new audio formats we’re exploring right now.”

Through this, Spotify believes that users would be able to glimpse its commitment to problem-solving and improving their experience.

They would also be able to experience the journey to fulfilling its commitment to them.

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Spotify’s plan to improving its user’s experience

Over the years, several changes have occurred on the audio streaming platform.

But of recent, it made an announcement that would change the user’s experience on its platform.

Some of them have started to take place, while some are yet to take place.

Last month Spotify made several announcements in its commitment to building a truly borderless audio ecosystem.

It announced plans to extend to more than 80 new markets, including Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria and many others.

This was not only its commitment but its vision for the company to be achieved at the end of the year.

Alongside the announcement, it said that its service would soon be available in 38 other languages, making it a total of 62 languages on the platform.

This would make Spotify more accessible to speakers, especially those with the additional languages that were added.

Some of the additional languages include Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Western Punjabi, Nepali, Marathi, Odia, Persian, Filipino, Icelandic, Estonia, Swahili, Zulu, Tamil, Slovak, Malayalam, Ukrainian, Zulu, Danish, Urdu, Norwegian and many others.

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