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STUCK Lab’s Innovative Kinetic Touchless Push Buttons: Touch Without Touching

STUCK Lab debuts Kinetic tech
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STUCK Lab is saying that you no longer need your keys to push the elevator button. So, you can throw them away. Or not. Maybe just leave them in your bag – where they, originally, should be. 

Since the inception of the COVID-19 pandemic, creativity and innovation have been at the core of every response globally.

At the basest level, we’ve all tried to devise new means to go about our usual activities and avoid needless contact. Many of us have used car keys to push buttons.

And, in an attempt to retain the warmth that comes with a proper greeting, some have exchanged handshakes for “Leg shakes”.

At a more advanced level, we’ve seen old technologies adopted for new functions. And more interestingly, we’ve seen new technologies emerge. One of those technologies is Stuck Lab’s Kinetic touchless buttons. 

What are they? 

Primarily, they are genius. At least, that’s what we, at Techuncode, think of them. But, since that’s not enough explanation, we’ll go ahead and give you the details.

Kinetic Touchless is an innovative tech product that allows you to use buttons by merely making gestures.

According to STUCK Lab, the product was designed chiefly for COVID 19 purposes. For now, the only known use case for them is with elevator buttons.

However, it could be used in other scenarios in the future.  

The product’s touchless interaction can be used for various gestures including pushing, pulling, and sliding.

The technology is motion-sensitive. It mirrors hand gestures and creates a corresponding tactile (touch) response. 

How do I use them?

In case you waltz into a facility that uses Kinetic Touchless technology, here’s how to use it. To call for your lift, you need to select a floor number.

To do that, place your hand at about 2 to 5 cm from the elevator button. As you hover around the buttons, each one would come on when your finger is pointed towards it.

Stay on your preferred button and push your fingers in a little and the button would respond.

Behind the scene Kinetic Touchless 

This technology would require some adjustment in general user behaviour. Users would gradually have to learn to avoid the temptation to touch the buttons.

Although, considering that these buttons are evasive towards touch, learning to give them their space shouldn’t be all too difficult. 

STUCK Lab’s Kinetic Touchless tech adds to a widening collection of new technologies designed to fight COVID 19. Last year, we saw several new methods emerge in different fields. 

Telemedicine became more commonplace due to restrictions on movement. Also, drones were adopted for safe deliveries within communities.

Like some others, Amazon secured FAA approval for Its Prime Air Drones during the period. 

What do you think about STUCK Lab’s Kinetic Touchless tech? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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