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Techuncode 2022 Valentine Special: Tech Gifts That We Want

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Techuncode 2022 Valentine Special: Tech Gifts That We Want. Here are Techuncode staff gift ideas to gift your special someone this valentine.

The most looked upon day in the month is fast approaching, and as you know, it’s a special day of showing love and care.

You could remind that friend, colleague, family or lover how much they mean to you.

How can you show them, love, if not gift them something that would put a smile on their face and warm their heart?

If you are not one to gift edibles, flowers or any of the norms attached to valentine, here are some gift ideas from Techuncode staff.

We told some Techuncode staff to tell us some gift ideas they would love to receive from their special someone, this valentine, and this is what they had to say.

Wireless Portable mouse

Toheeb is a graphic designer, and designing with a portable mouse would make his work smooth and enjoyable.

He would prefer a portable mouse to enable him to move swiftly and smoothly than the enabled mouse on systems.

If you have someone like Toheeb, then this is one gift you should consider.

Get ready to receive a heartwarming and genuine smile from them.

iPhone 13, 1 Ethereum

Samuel, our Social media manager, says he wants an iPhone 13.

Social media is becoming a game-changer for many businesses.

If you do not own an account, then it means you do not have an online presence.

And the thing is, everybody can now be found online, and so having an online presence is one way to reach them.

However, you might get busy with the backend of your business, so you need someone to manage what people can see.

And that’s why many people employ a social media manager.

The social media manager manages social media accounts.

They are in charge of creating enlightening, entertaining and engaging content for your audience.

However, doing this would require a good phone which would help properly churn out quality content.

Buying an iPhone 13 for Samuel would make his work not only smooth but of high quality.

Have someone like Samuel, then why not consider getting them an iPhone 13.

It comes with unique features and specifications you wouldn’t want them to miss out on.

1 Ethereum

Samuel also wants to be gifted an Ethereum this valentine.

Cryptocurrency is the trendy form of currency in the world presently.

Top tiers and big tech giants have taken an interest in these digital currencies and are pushing them out.

Ethereum is the second biggest cryptocurrency that has been doing well.

Samuel would love to be part of this ongoing trend.

Researching and creating content for Techuncode, he has discovered the benefits of investing in cryptocurrency.

So, what are you waiting for?

Buying a crypto coin for your special someone puts them on the line of technological trends in the world.

Apple Smartwatch

Praise would appreciate an Apple smartwatch as her valentine gift for 2022.

She says it would keep her accountable on her fitness journey.

It would help her monitor and track all her favourites ways to work out.

And helps her to keep fit and stay healthy.

Also, owning an Apple smartwatch, she can receive calls with the hands-free feature.

It also features a water-resistant feature and others.

You have a special someone who you would love to enjoy the benefits Apple watch can offer to its users, then it for them.

Apples iPad Pro 2021, iPhone 12 pro

Tolu says what he wants this valentine are two of Apple’s top products, an iPad Pro 2021 and an iPhone Pro.

There are so many benefits of using Apple’s iPad Pro 2021.

For a graphic designer like Tolu, having such a gadget would make him flexible with his work.

He can create graphic designs easily on his tablet while on the bus or when he is waiting in a queue.

iPads are easy to carry around, unlike heavy laptops.

If you have a creator like Tolu, they might need an iPad, not just any iPad though, Apple’s iPad Pro 2021.

iPad Pro 2021 comes with unique features and specifications that enable users’ experience.

As he bangs his feet on the ground, Tolu scores a goal and screams; he loves playing video games.

Buying him an iPad Pro 2021 comes with a multipurpose plan for him.

It would help with his effectiveness at work and help him relax.

As you can see, iPad Pro 2021 can serve many purposes and should be considered.

iPhone 12 Pro

The man of many talents is what we call him.

He is not only excellent at designing, but he also sings amazingly.

Tolu would love an iPhone 12 Pro just as he loves his music.

In the past, he has been pushing several of his songs on his social media page.

Owning a good phone like iPhone 12 Pro would push his content production game to another level.

Also, he can use it to play video games when he needs to relax.

An iPhone 12 Pro isn’t just any phone as it serves many purposes.

If you have a multitalented someone like Tolu, you should get this multipurpose phone.

Automated House

Chief, as Ayo is usually called, wants to live the big life.

Being in the digital space, Ayo understands the ease of everything being digitised, from the bedroom to the kitchen, sitting room, gate, etc.

Imagine living in a house where you don’t have to do anything; all you have to do is wait for them to do everything for you.

That’s what an automated house looks like.

It helps you save your time and effort, and you can do other things that are not house-related.

For Ayo, the digital lead, he has more time to lead his team in the right direction and focus on other growth areas.

That special someone you know who hates anything house related, chores, laundering, watering, etc., they would love this.

Getting them an automated house would mean the world to them.

Robot Cleaner

An automated house might be too big too expensive to get your special someone, but what about a robot cleaner.

Albert, also a digital enthusiast, knows the ease of technology.

Preparing digital strategies for campaigns and leading a team can be tiring.

Going home after a long day to meet loads of dishes and laundry is not something he would look forward to doing.

Albert would love to be gifted a robot cleaner to keep his house sparkly clean while focusing on other things.

If you have a friend or lover like Albert, you should consider getting them a robot cleaner.

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Apple MacBook Pro

Taiye says a MacBook Pro would keep him smiling this valentine.

Being a business developer comes with a lot of proposal writing, emails and meetings.

Taiye would love to get all this done seamlessly without any form of obstruction.

Also, creators like Oyiza and Lekan would love a MacBook Pro.

Like Taiye, it gives them a seamless experience in carrying out their tasks.

Why a MacBook Pro for your special someone?

It comes with so many unique features that help carry out tasks efficiently.

Some of which includes comfortable keyboards and trackpads, Long battery life, Speedy performance from Apple M1 chip, etc.

Sony Headphones

Being amid other creatives can get noisy.

However, there are different mechanisms to cope.

One of them is blocking out the noise and entering your own space; headphones are handy for doing this.

Chima can’t be seen without his headphones around him.

So, It is no surprise that he would want a Sony headphones.

Working as a creative lead, he has a lot of people coming to him to make requests or give an opinion.

However, he also needs to block out the noise and be productive.

So, if you are looking for a reason to get that person a headphone, here is one.

It would make the person super productive and deliver quality at their task.

Tesla car

Who wouldn’t want a Tesla😁.

Having a self-driving car that doesn’t use fuel in this scarcity is one you would love to be gifted now.

Anthony, the editor of Tehuncode, says having a Tesla right now would make his life easier.

He can drive around without worrying about anything, keeping him focused on his deliverables.

Why not consider a Telsa for your val this valentine.

You will be giving them the easy life that they deserve.

Airpods Pro

Apple Airpod Pro

Being a content writer requires that you assimilate and put your thoughts into the best forms so others can understand.

Naomi is a content writer at Techuncode, and having an Airpods Pro would be very useful.

She can block out all noise while focusing on the content she is working on.

Naomi would definitely give you a heartwarming hug when she receives an Airpod Pro.

Airpod Pro comes with unique features like noise cancellation features.

We are sure that someone would appreciate the gift just like Naomi will.

Implication for you

In Techuncode 2022 Valentine Special, we hope you got gift ideas from our list of ideas, don’t forget to share.

We would love to know which of our staff you can relate with.

And how the gadget would be helpful to your loved one.


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