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Google’s Default Two-Factor Authentication Reduces Accounts Hacks By 50%

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Google has said that it reduced 50% account breaches since it started automatic enrolment of users in two-factor authentication (2FA).

The tech giant said it has enrolled about 150 million accounts in the two-factor verification in the past few months.

And it is mandating 2 million YouTube creators to do the same.

All this culminated into the reduced figure.

Comparing the amount to the ones who still use only passwords, Google still has plans to add more numbers.

Google has said that it would be setting up security protection for many more accounts.

It said that it would sign millions of users worldwide for its two-factor authentication.

Although, it hasn’t said a time frame when this would happen.

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Google is committed to protecting its users against cyberattacks, and doing this, it is ready to go a mile for them.

It brought about the two-factor authentication on its platform long ago, but it gave users a choice to enable it.

However, since many didn’t enable the authentication, they were under cyber attack.

But since Google defaulted the two-factor authentication, the rate of hacked accounts has reduced drastically.

With the rate of cyberattacks, there is a need to enable two-factor authentication, which cannot be overemphasized.

Especially for accounts like Google that links to many other important and personal platforms.

Examples include your bank, social media platform, health apps, contact, etc.

If cyber criminals gain access to your account, they will automatically access all your data.

What is two-factor authentication 2FA

Two-factor authentication is an extra security measure a person must take after logging into their account.

After putting in your password, you will need to take one more step for verification.

You would have to enter a code sent to you by SMS or mail or click a confirmation link to complete your verification.

The verification is to confirm if the person logging into the account is who they claim to be.

Although two-factor authentication might be a bit of a hassle, it definitely keeps you protected.

This is because two-factor authentication requires a lot of effort to crack.

All you need to set up the two-factor authentication is your phone number and email address.

Implication for you reading

Platforms like Google is looking for more ways to secure their users.

Although they haven’t found any technical alternative, 2FA is good for now.

If Google is yet to prompt you to secure your account with its two-time authentication, Google has said it is coming for you.

You will be enrolled automatically to enable the verification process.


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