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Tesla To Expand Its Full Self-Driving Beta To More Car Owners

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Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, took to his Twitter account to announce that Tesla would be expanding its “Full Self-Driving” to interested users.

Tesla would be doubling its beta program size with a new software update of  8.2 and a 10x size with 8.3.

However, he added that users should be careful as it is still in its earliest form.

“If you want the Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta downloaded to your car, let us know. Doubling beta program size now with 8.2 & probably 10X size with 8.3. Still, be careful, but it’s getting mature,” Elon tweeted.

In another tweet, Musk added that due to the high demand for the beta app, it would add the “Download Play” button.

He said that they would add the button to the service section of the car display within 10 days.

However, Elon advised users should still be careful as the update is yet to mature.

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Introduction of Full Self-Driving Beta

The Full Self-Driving beta was first introduced in October last year.

Elon Musk said that Tesla would be offering the feature to some selected group of vehicle owners, those with Telsa’s early access program.

After its introduction, the Full Self-Driving Beta was expected to observe a wide release at the end of the year, as that was its goal, said Musk.

However, it would only release the software update to those with its early access program.

This would enable them to access the (Full Self-driving feature) Autopilot partially automated driver-assist system.

Irrespective of the features, the company advised Tesla drivers to have to be cautious; and, from time to time, place their hands on the steering wheel, as it is still in its earliest form.

Musk further added that drivers should be ready to drive the car at any point manually.

Musk noted that the term “beta in Tesla is used to reduce complacency in usage and set expectations appropriately. All software is first tested by Tesla simulation and QA drive teams.”

Explaining, Tesla said that the data gotten from the FSD beta was used to improve the performance.

According to Musk, there have been more than 1000 vehicles in the beta; with the recent announcement, many more will be joining.

In its new announcement, Musk said that the update’s availability would differ due to the regulatory approval delay, also, Tesla’s own internal development and testing.

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