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Best Chromebook For Writers

You already know what a laptop and a desktop are. However, do you know what a Chromebook is?  Are you a writer looking for the best Chromebook for writers? If you don’t know what it is, then we’ll help you out. All the same, if you do know what a Chromebook is, then it should go smoothly from here on out.

Dear Chromebook, what exactly are you?

In a way, a Chromebook is like a laptop. However, it operates a little differently.

In the same way, it’s also like a tablet. So you’re sure that this isn’t your regular.

A Chromebook works on a Google Chrome operating system.

It may look and have the physical features of your regular computer; however, it’s not.

The Chromebook has a different feel from your conventional Windows and MacBook OS.

Chromebooks hit the market in 2011.

Regardless of being a suitable device, it has its limitations.

However, don’t write it off just yet! Get to see it’s perks.

Now that we have the basics established, let’s get to the real deal.

As a writer, can you use a Chromebook?

When it comes to the series of devices that a content creator can use, a Chromebook is one of them.

However, you might be faced with the challenge of which one is appropriate.

That’s what we’re here for.

To answer the above question, yes. You can use a Chromebook to write, as a creative.

Pre-installed Google Docs and Chrome browser

You might like this because while typing on Docs, your document is automatically saved.

This means you can stop anywhere and even close it; once you put it back on, you resume from where you stopped.

Being a Chromebook, it also comes pre-installed with Chrome browser, which is its default browser.

Touchscreen enabled

Having a computer that’s keyboard and touch screen enabled is elite.

Chromebooks are touchscreen-enabled, and that allows you to be flexible with your texts.

It also makes the editing process slightly easier.

You can easily spot mistakes as well.

It’s super portable

Having a portable computer is very underrated.

You have the perk of being able to move around with it conveniently.

It’s really cool because it’s also light. You’ll feel like you’re holding a book.

Take this example: You have your lunch break, but you also want to keep working.

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You can take that with you, and it won’t feel burdensome at all.

It is also super light.

Amazing battery life

You can use your Chromebook for up to two days without a single charge.

Pretty neat, right?

For a device so small, you’re probably not expecting something that can last long.

But knowing this now will probably increase your need for a Chromebook.

Virus proof

You have absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to viruses.

Your Chromebook can never get infected with one.

Why’s that?

Because it literally has no local storage.

That may sound strange, but it’s a good thing.

You don’t have to worry about updating your anti-virus every now and then.

Whatever you need to do, you’re all good.

It’s all on the Cloud

Literally, everything you do on the Chromebook is saved on the Cloud.

What that means is, you don’t have to worry about losing your files and documents.

It’s all secured.

This can come in handy if you change your Chromebook.

All you need to do is sign in with your details into the new one, and everything will be restored.

It has a funky trackpad

The trackpad of a Chromebook works just like that of a MacBook.

You have the luxury of being able to multi-task with the trackpad.

It’s also Google authorised

Being a Chromebook, it supports anything that has to do with Google.

This includes your Google Mail, Google and even Docs, just as we rightly stated earlier on.

Lightning speed

It is really fast and easy for you to navigate your way through the Chromebook.

You don’t have to worry about it being slow and dragging.

Everything works superfast.

You’ll think it won’t be fast because of how basic it seems.

However, if that’s what you think, then you need to change that train of thought.

Now you know some of the perks you can experience with using a Chromebook as a writer.

However, we also know you might run into a few challenges when you want to get one.

There are a lot of Chromebooks out there. Trust us!

So you don’t have to experience the difficulty of searching on your own, we’ll render our assistance.

Below, we’ll list some of these Chromebooks that can help you reach your potential as a writer.

However, note that some of them are relatively cheaper than others.

What is the best Chromebook to use for writing?

Luckily, there isn’t just one.

The Chromebooks that’ll be listed below are also touch screen enabled.

Note: This list is in no particular order.

The Google Pixelbook

Just like the Pixel phones, you shouldn’t be surprised about this making the list.

No lie, it’s one of the most elite Chromebooks to exist.

Because it’s a Pixel, it might be a little more costly than the others.

However, that shouldn’t be a big deal. If you get this, you can be assured of a quality touch screen.

Like we explained earlier, the touch ability can make your workflow process more convenient.

Your screen can also turn in a 360 degrees motion.

Best Chromebook for writing

Additionally, you can also bend back the screen to give the book a tablet feel.

It also has an amazing battery horsepower.

It’s light and portable. It’ll be great for you to work anywhere, at your convenience.

Don’t forget; it has a 1.1kg weight. This means it considerably weighs about 2.3 pounds.

About the thickness, it has 10.3mm.

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Don’t give too much away but this is one of the best Chromebooks on the market.

Don’t wait too long to “cuff” yours now!

There’re two types of Pixelbooks

You have the regular Pixelbook, which costs just about $1000.

There’s also the Pixelbook Go; this costs up to $649.

In-depth on the Google Pixel Go

As stated earlier, to buy the Pixelbook, you might have to spend a lot more on getting its “Go” version.

However, that version still has one that is of a high price as well.

The official price of a Pixel Go starts at $649, which is relatively “cheap” compared to what you’ll pay for the Google Chrome OS laptop.

That’ll be about $1400.

Notwithstanding, the Chromebook offers you a wide selection of options.

Just like the regular Pixelbook, it’s also one of the best Chromebooks on the market.

Additionally, it’s also touch screen enabled.

If you’re interested in something with a little more juice, this is definitely it for you.

However, for the most important question, is it a good Chromebook for writing?

Well, certainly! It sure is!

So, why don’t you get yourself one right now? If it’s within your budget, we highly recommend it.

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook for writers

This has a very sleek and pretty design.

However, this beauty doesn’t come at a cheap price!

If it’s within your budget to get a Chromebook that’ll help your writing process, then why not get it?

Best Chromebook for writing

The price starts at $949. Although, if you’re ordering it online, shipping fees might inflate the price a little more.

It has a smooth aluminum finish.

It’s also 9.9mm thin.

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook also weighs 2.29lbs.

It’s not just a beauty on the outside; its insides are also pretty neat.

The computer has an intel core i5 processor. It also has 8GB RAM.

Don’t forget its 256GB storage space. To crown it up, a 4k AMOLED display.

If you’re interested in premium quality, this will also work for you.

It’s also a little more intense than your regular Chromebooks.

It’s also touch screen enabled.

As a writer, if you want to get a Chromebook, don’t just buy one because it looks nice.

You’ll also need to put in the cost of affordability.

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If the sole purpose of you getting a Chromebook is for writing, we’ll advise you not to buy something costly.

However, if you feel there’s more you can do than just write with it, then, by all means, go on and satisfy those cravings.

Here’s one that is not as pricey as the others and will work just as well.

It’s also one of the best budget picks!

The Acer Chromebook for writers

The Acer Chromebook is ultimately one of the most affordable Chromebook there is.

This will be perfect for you as a writer.

It may not look as fancy as the others, but it’s definitely just as good.

It operates on a Celeron processor.

The Acer Chromebook also gives you room to use a lot of software programs.

However, you won’t have the luxury of installing standard software.

But that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Everything is literally done on the Cloud now.

For the Cloud data saving feature, you also don’t have to worry about losing data. Everything is automatically backed up.

Best Chromebook for writers

Like we stated earlier, it’s also budget-friendly. You can get this for less than $300.

It has an aluminium cover. For the screen, it’s an 11. 6-inch HD IPS.

Unfortunately, you might not enjoy watching movies on it.

However, that shouldn’t be much of a problem seeing as you only need it for writing, right?

Don’t lose focus! You’re trying to find out what Chromebook is best for you as a writer.

Most people enjoy backlit keyboards. Sadly the Acer Chromebook doesn’t have that.

If a backlit keyboard is something you’re used to, then this Chromebook might not be for you.

What else do you need to know about the Acer Chromebook?

You’re entitled to an in-built SD reader. It also has several ports for you to put in your external drives.

Like we said before, Chromebooks come with good battery life. The Acer Chromebook can last up to nine hours without charge.

Additionally, it has 2GB RAM.

It’ll probably not support any high-quality game.

But as we stated, that doesn’t matter since you’re looking for the best Chromebook for writing and not playing games and watching movies.

It weighs 2.3 pounds, which is also 1.1kg.

Get yours now for less than $300.

The Asus Chromebook Flip

The Asus Chromebook is also an affordable computer for you as a writer.

It costs under $600.

It’s also really fascinating as it can be flipped towards various angles. Just like its name implies, right?

This Chromebook has a 14-inch HD screen display.

It’s also flexible. You can decide to use it as a computer, and even a tablet.

The process of your writing will definitely move smoothly with this.

Additionally, it operates on an Intel Core m3-8100y processor.

What this means is that it’ll also support a lot of other applications.

That’s not all. This also means that you can rest assured that your computer won’t freeze.

Everyone knows that a computer that freezes a lot is a turnoff.

You also have the luxury of using multiple programs at the same time.

You also have access to some extra neat features.

One of which is that your keyboard lights up! Yes, it has a backlit.

Moreso, it also has multiple ports for you to have access to your media files.

It has an aluminum body, and it weighs three pounds.

This means that it’s firm, and at the same time, light.

It’s also 0.6-inches thin. You won’t experience any challenge holding unto it.

You should also be careful so it doesn’t slip out of your fingers.

HP Chromebook for writers

The HP brand is honestly one of the most popular computers to exist.

However, this is more than just your regular Hp laptop.

This is the HP Chromebook.

This can be rotated at 180 degrees.

It’s great because it ensures convenience for you to write on the go.

It also has excellent speakers. This will give you the best experience with the sound.

You can listen to music for inspiration while you work.

Another perk is that it’s also budget-friendly for you.

It also has an AMD Dual-Core. This should give you a lot of comforts as you can work and chill at the same time.

It has a 14-inch display.

This also has a good battery life.

If charged properly, you can be sure of almost nine hours of seamless usage.

The same thing applies; just like the previous ones, your data and files will be saved on the cloud.

Storing your files should not be a challenge.

Additionally, you also have the luxury of making use of Android apps on it.

You’ll also have a “funtastic” internet experience.

The computer weighs three pounds. That means that’ll be mobile for you.

You can work on the go at any time.

That’s a cool perk. Don’t you think?

Sadly, it doesn’t have a backlit keyboard. You might experience challenges when you’re in a place without much light.

It’s also a pretty straightforward computer as it doesn’t support any extra advanced software.

Acer Chromebook 514

This Chromebook is very accomodating to both writers and bloggers.

And it’s budget-friendly as well.

It’s in the league of one of the best Chromebooks under $400.

This computer operates on an Intel Celeron N3350 Dual-Core processor.

Additionally, it has 4GB RAM and also a 32 eMMC storage.

One thing you’ll like about it is that it’s very fast and it doesn’t slow down your work process.

For your storage, you should know that Chromebooks come with 100GB default storage space.

However, some come with 64GB storage space.

The battery can also last up to twelve hours if it’s properly charged.

There are a few characteristics that put this on the best Chromebooks for writers.

Its epic design, which is a sight for sore eyes, the screen, and it has a “lit” keyboard.

This is not just because it’s cool; it’s a backlit type of keyboard.

It also has an aluminium body. In addition to that, a 14-inch screen space.

Acer Chromebook R13 for writers

You can consider this a computer convertible.

Also, we rest assured that you’ll also get the value of your money.

When you’re thinking “elite,” you should totally get this.

You can also say its aluminium-lid highlights its class.

However, asides from the lid, the rest of the device is made out of plastic.

You’ll probably be unable to tell because it looks more like metal than plastic.

It is also a 360-degree screen. This means you can turn it in whatever way you desire.

Yes, you can also make use of it like a tablet. You can use it in tent mode as well.

It’s also a touch screen, and it has a 13-inch screen.

You’ll also get bright and clean images from this.

Why is this Chromebook good for writers?

The keyboard and the touchpad of this computer is a major selling point.

The battery life is also really great.

As a writer, you’ll definitely get a sort of thrill from typing on the keyboard.

It’s also cost-efficient. You don’t have to break your back in trying to get an affordable and sustainable computer.

You can get this for under $400.

This is definitely on our list when it comes to the best and affordable Chromebooks for writers.

Acer Chromebook 15

This is also budget-friendly for writers.

It’s a 15-inch computer. Being this big will enhance your typing experience.

It operates on a Celeron processor N3060 with a 1.60GHz.

This device has 4GB RAM, along with 16GB eMMC storage.

And the additional perk is that it has Google Docs pre-installed on it.

This can help with your writing process.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t come with a backlit keyboard.

However, that doesn’t mean it can’t serve you maximally.

ASUS C302CA DHM4 Chromebook for writers

For starters, this has a very great backlit keyboard.

It functions on an Intel Core M processor.

It has 4GB RAM. Additionally, it has a 64GB storage unit.

This ASUS has a flash memory SSD.

It’s capable of working with Android applications.

It’s made of smooth aluminium.

It also has an Intel Graphics of 515. Also, if it’s properly charged, it can last you up to 10 hours, uninterrupted.

The device also has additional perks such as Bluetooth connectivity, a Card reader and USB Type C.

Asus Chromebook C425 C425TA-DH384

This is another Chromebook that absolutely gives you value for your money.

By this, we don’t mean it’s expensive.

We’re trying to say here that at such an affordable price, you get so much value.

Best Chromebook for writers

Source: Techburn

This computer is the 8th gen Intel Core. It also operates on an M3-8100Y processor.

Additionally, it has 8GB RAM as well as 64GB eMMC storage.

The device has a 14-Inch high definition screen display.

The size of the Chromebook is reduced through its minimal bezel that’s around the screen.

A selling point of this is that it’s one of the few books with 8GB RAM and affordable.

It’s easy for you to be mobile with, it’s light, and you can also work comfortably with it.

One of the reasons we’ll recommend this also is you’d enjoy the functionality of the keyboards.

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It also has a backlit keyboard. Its thickness is about 0.7-inches, and it weighs less than 2.9 lbs.

This Chromebook has a sustainable battery life. If it’s charged properly, it can work maximally for up to ten hours.

It has enough ports for your external drives and USB cables.

Moreso, it also comes with Bluetooth connectivity and has a card reader.

There’s still a lot you need to know with all these listed above before buying a Chromebook.

There are specific key components to look out for.

What a writer should look into before buying a Chromebook

  • Cost of affordability 

A good thing about some of these Chromebooks for writers is that there’s something for everyone, based on your budget.

You don’t have to break the bank as various books are affordable and still works perfectly.

However, since your sole purpose is to write with it, you don’t need a heavy machine.

By that, we mean you don’t need a device with a very large processor.

Bear in mind that the higher the processor, the more expensive the device.

However, if you’re not just a writer and you’ll need it for other things such as programming, graphics and all that intense stuff, then you can get something with a high processor.

From our background check, we’ve come to understand that many writers stay on a budget.

They also settle for middle-classed devices.

  • You have to consider the battery life

You need something that, once it’s charged for a reasonable amount of time, you can enjoy it.

Let’s face it, as a writer, you’ll be busy most of the time.

Also, we all know how unfavourable it is to charge while working. It could damage your device’s battery.

Try making sure that you get spare batteries.

This can come in handy when your battery is low and there’s no power outlet to use.

Also, maybe you forgot your charger at home and you’re on the go.

  • Get something portable

You need a portable device because of its convenience.

You never know if you might need to move around with your device.

Maybe you stop by a cafe for some coffee and you need to work as well.

If you’re using something heavy, you won’t be able to be mobile with it.

There’s nothing wrong with having a big and bulky laptop.

These usually come with a lot of advanced features.

However, the disadvantage of this is that you won’t always have the chance of using it at the slightest convenience.

You can use travelling as an instance. If you’re travelling with a heavy laptop, it’ll weigh you down.

Imagine having to hold onto a heavy laptop along with your other transit bags.

Very annoying and inconveniencing.

So “go small, or go home”!

  • Get one with a good keyboard

As a writer, you need a keyboard that has a backlit.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with one that isn’t backlit.

However, there are numerous perks of using a keyboard that lights up.

For one, it’ll serve you if you happen to be in a place with the least favourable light condition.

Your backlit keyboard to the rescue!

  • Elite screen display

For one, note that you don’t need a screen that looks like what a gamer or programmer will have an interest in.

Regardless of that, you still need a good screen that’ll help your writing and editing process.

You need a clear screen that won’t give you any problems even after hours of usage.

You’re also given the luxury of deciding the size while writing. Big or small, you decide

Small is great. However, not too small because so you don’t get headaches from straining your eyes.

In conclusion

There’s a lot for you to digest when you want to get the best Chromebook for writers.

However, we’ve given you everything you need to know about Chromebooks.

For the specs, to the affordability, along with every other relevant thing.

Don’t question yourself anymore. Find a Chromebook for writers on your budget that’ll still give you the best.

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