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The New oraimo Freepods3: Hear The Difference

The New oraimo Freepods3: Hear The Difference

We can’t deny oraimo is blazing the trail, setting the marker as the best smart tech and mobile accessories giant in Nigeria.

The brand is constantly and consistently driven to provide its consumers with the freedom to explore creativity through state-of-the-art product design/functionality; thereby ensuring a smart lifestyle among consumers.

So, you can see why it’s hardly any surprise at the buzz and excitement surrounding their latest tech innovation.

The new oraimo FreePods 3 is no doubt an upgrade and smart choice over every other competition/competitor out there.

Now let’s talk about this thing of beauty.

Earbuds Like No Other

The new oraimo FreePods 3 which is the third edition of the s series comes with a clear voice in-call, enabled by the 4-mic beamforming to track, and provide high-quality signals.

Added is an AI deep neural network algorithm that is used to reduce the surrounding noise giving you a crystal-clear face to face conversation experience during your WhatsApp calls, Skype or Zoom meetings.

Every word of yours can be clearly heard.

The new oraimo FreePods 3 is tuned for Afro beats, deep bass experience, stereo sound, designed for the Naija woke peeps, so you don’t miss out on anything and get to enjoy every detail of your favorite Afrobeat Jams non-stop.

First of its Kind

The Bass and Awareness mode (in-ear and half in-ear) convertible is a first of its kind in Nigeria with oraimo being the First brand to introduce this sleek game-changer.

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Two modes for both worlds, one pair two different fits, with the Bass mode set, you can lose yourself completely to the waves of rhythmic blues in a relaxed environment shutting out everything with just you and your music weaving into one.

While with the Awareness mode set, you get to listen to your music and still stay in tune and alert to everything happening in your surrounding completely especially if you live in a very noisy cosmopolitan city like Lagos.

The oraimo FreePods 3 also boasts a battery capacity of 45mAh (earbuds), 500mAh (case), a 36hours total playtime, 5 minutes charge for 40 minutes playback, so you can confidently carry your music around with you without the fear of losing power any time soon on your morning jogs, evening long walks or travels around the world. oraimo has got everyone covered.

Compared to its predecessor, the FreePods 2, it improves water resistance abilities against rain and sweat.

It doesn’t matter whether you are caught up in the rain, working out hard in the gym or cooling off in the swimming pool, oraimo Freepods 3 stays with you all the time.

Furthermore, its dust resistance opens and connects instantly with your device on the go, the Ergonomic S/M/L 3-size ear tips are made specifically for your bass mode.

Its silicon tips help form a tight seal in your ear canals giving you unbeatable long-lasting comfort.

Finally, the B.T 5.2 Chip allows sound to be transmitted simultaneously to the left and right ear smoothly with its low audio latency creating an enjoyable and vivid experience when watching your favorite videos or playing games on devices.

Word out also based on the launch is that oraimo will soon be releasing their new power bank with the largest capacity in Nigeria, the 40000mah, PowerBox 400.

This power bank charges your phone 6-9 times! It powers your phones, tablets and other mobile devices during travel, business and power outages.

oraimo has also introduced a new technology for its power series Anifast technology, Anifast is oraimo’s exclusive smart-charging technology.

It intelligently identifies the fast-charging protocol of your mobile to deliver the speediest possible charge. It supports basically all Quick Charge protocol like PD 3.0 & QC 3.0 for latest phones.

For Sound, oraimo has also introduced an all-new exclusive sound technology called Heavy Bass, the oraimo exclusive bass boost system, which will be applied in oraimo audio products.

They have cooperated with world class audio engineers who used to work in Harman Kardon, to deliver the best sound quality.

Knowing that Africans like bass, they have also made the 2baba tuned version great for afrobeat.

Getting the new oraimo FreePods 3 surely guarantees an enhanced quality to your lifestyle every day.

You can pre-order the New oraimo FreePods 3 from the oraimo official e-commerce website https://ng.oraimo.com/.

Also, oraimo customers are eligible for a one-year warranty on oraimo products purchased subject to terms and conditions.

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