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Twitter Spaces: Clubhouse-Styled-App Now Out For Android Users

Twitter announced through a tweet on Tuesday that it has opened its audio chat room, Spaces. However, the chat room would be available only to Android users.

In January, Twitter released the audio-based app to its iOS users.

A few days later, it released a tweet that it would soon launch beta testing Twitter Spaces for Android users.

This is great news for Android users, as they can also participate in audio discussions just like Chatroom, which is not accessible to them.

The iOS users on Twitter could join the chat room, Spaces and engage in any discussion of their choice. However, hosting on the platform was limited to only a few users.

In its tweet, it said Spaces wouldn’t be available to a larger group of people but a ‘small feedback group’.

Twitter Spaces hopes that people in the group would be able to create Spaces for other people to join.

However, we doubt Android users are included in the host group, as Twitter Spaces hasn’t mentioned anything about it; but they can listen to ongoing discussions on the platform.

However, an international media house said that Twiter plans on making its Spaces available to both iOS and Android users to start and tune in to conversations on the platform.

Although, Spaces is still in its beta testing period, as the team explained in a tweet, its focus is on the intimacy of the human voices; that people come together to ‘connect directly in an intimate and conversational space.’

Alongside Twitter spaces for Android, it would be testing other features like hand gesture reactions, an early version of live transcriptions, reporting and blocking.

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Podcasting platform that Twitter acquired helped in building Twitter’s Space.

How to create Twitter’s Spaces

There are two ways a user can create Twitter Space on your device.

The first is that there is a compose button at the lower right corner of the app, which you hold down for a while, and then it creates. The other way is that you can create Spaces through the Fleet creation screen by swiping right.

The hosts can invite people to the platform through their DMs or by tweeting a link or sharing the link where it could be accessible.

They would also have full control of how the platform’s activities go, like controlling who can speak and who cannot. Also, there are more optional tools they can use to control conversations on the platform.

Past Audio releases

Twitter had introduced a similar audio feature last year, audio tweets; however, it is for a limited number of people.

This allowed them to tweet in audio form, sending about 140 seconds of messages in line with the proposed tweets of 140 words. Although many users liked the idea, it got criticised for no captioning option.

Also, in a country like India, Twitter released a feature that allowed direct messages to be sent in audio form.

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